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Within our Juvéderm community, a lot of men and women return to their experiences and state, “I wish I’d known…” some advice before undergoing this filler therapy. Listed below are 11 things you need to know before getting Juvéderm treatments from RealSelf community members you might discover helpful.

1. Juvéderm treatments are for fine lines and wrinkles… .and often more.

Lots of men and women utilize Juvéderm to deal with lines and wrinkles. However there are several other reasons to choose it: acne scars, lifting the lips, filling sagging or loose skin to get a general younger appearance (“a liquid facelift”), altering the nose contour, to acquire plumper lips, as well as medical ailments such as lipodystrophy (that leads to the reduction of fat in the face).

“I have thin lips and desired a bit more volume, particularly within my upper lip. I’d more injected into the body of my lips rather than the border so that they seemed more natural, maybe not odd like they could look if a lot of is about the vermilion border. Juvéderm is ideal for this and gave me my fantasy lips! They seem really natural and luscious. The only downside is that they can bruise and swell somewhat but it’s readily masked with gloss or lipstick. Get Juvéderm Ultra Plus that lasts somewhat more,” says neighborhood member lovelace493 in a recent RealSelf review.

2. The best way to decide on an injector

You will find a number of health care providers that will inject Juvéderm. The first consultation should be with a certified and board-certified physician, but in a few workplaces, a nurse or aesthetician does the real injection. You shouldn’t try to purchase or inject Juvéderm yourself.

“It isn’t merely against the legislation, it’s very dangerous as the effectiveness of this drug and injection technique can’t be guaranteed. Watch a certified medical practitioner who’s supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon or surgeon, no exceptions.”

Additionally, “I chose to not take any shortcuts so that I moved into a plastic surgeon and had the first consultation five weeks ago. The real shots were performed by a nurse. This concerned me somewhat but she does all the time and can be trained and trained in them so that I guessed it would be better to pick expertise above a name (RN vs MD),” states kittyblue399 in a recent RealSelf review.


3. Are Juvéderm injections painful?

The Juvéderm XC injections are done with a local anesthetic. Another choice is to get a dental block completed.

“I had been regularly performing a nerve block (dental cube ) to get Juvéderm treatments, which actually increases the comfort level for those patients. Since Juvéderm introduced its XC formulas, that contain lidocaine to immediately numb as it is injected, I discover I am performing the dental cubes less often. Nevertheless, every individual differs, and in addition, it depends upon where they’re being recovered and just how much,” states Dr. Robert Sheffield, a plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics in Santa Barbara, CA.

4. Some of the ways to decrease swelling and bruising.

Juvéderm treatments usually lead to some swelling and bruising, which may last up to 2 weeks. Bruising will finally go away, however, there are a number of things you can do to lessen it.

Before your therapy, here is what to prevent :”You are able to minimize your inclination to bruise by preventing aspirin, NSAIDs, fish oil, alcohol (vasodilator), along with the ‘G’ nutritional supplements (garlic, ginkgo biloba, ginseng) for 10 days before your process,” states Dr. Sheffield.


5. Don’t worry, tiny lumps and bumps are typically normal and short-term

It is common to have little lumps or bumps the first-week following shots. If it doesn’t go out in a week, then your supplier may use heat or massage to smooth it out.

“It’d be best in the event that you reserve a follow-up appointment with your injector in one or two weeks, and he/she can massage any remaining lumps or bumps at that moment.

The majority of individuals don’t want other people to see them together with swelling and lumps.

6. There is a recovery period

Even though Juvéderm treatments are a non-surgical procedure, there will be a period of recovery. As a patient, you typically will want to wait a period for the injections to settle and smooth out.

“Next time I’ve Juvéderm injections it’s going to be prior to a two-week holiday. I went to focus on the fourth-afternoon post-injection. I had been miserable about the conspicuous bruising in the office,” says SB8746 in a recent RealSelf review.

7. How long do I have to wait before getting any other facial procedures or treatments?

A lot of men and women who get Juvéderm treatments will also be interested in getting a different facial treatment–something such as a laser therapy, a chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. Most physicians within this RealSelf Q&A advocate waiting a week following Juvéderm before undergoing any additional therapy.

“You ought to wait at least a couple of days following all filler shots prior to any facial remedies that will place pressure on skin since most of the fillers are somewhat simmer for many days,” states Dr. Sheffield.


8. Is Juvéderm FDA approved and is it really a safe product to inject?

Juvéderm is widely considered secure. “Juvéderm is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid which has an established history of safety. I have been utilizing Juvéderm successfully within my personal practice for a couple of decades, and that my patients are extremely pleased with their outcomes. I advise you to specify a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your alternatives and concerns.

9. There is a way to reverse the injection with hyaluronidase.

If the outcomes of Juvéderm aren’t what you desired, there’s a reversible option: it could be dissolved with a shot of hyaluronidase. It speeds up the natural breakdown of lipoic acid, the chemical which Juvéderm is made from.

“Another physician superficially injected Juvéderm from the tear trough area and, consequently, I’d cushions or bags under my eyes. I’d hyaluronidase injected from the tear trough region by a really competent dermatologist to fix the mistake. He injected a unit for the two eyes and I instantly saw the result in minutes. The totes flattened out, and at the time that I went home, which had been approximately two hours, all of the bags had vanished. Says seemore871 in a recent RealSelf review.

10. Just how long do Juvéderm treatments last?

Nobody can tell you just how long Juvéderm treatments will last, but normally they are in the range of six months to annually. “It actually depends upon the area injected, how much of the product injected, and also how fast your body metabolizes,” states Dr. Sheffield.

“I expect the results are as durable as it states… .up into annually. My doctor said that I might require a touch up after four weeks or so, however, we’d need to wait and watch. Various individuals have different longevity phases for this, but no matter I am in love with this material!” Alexandra Hamilton in a recent RealSelf review.


11. Was it worthwhile in the end?

Expectations and outcomes change, but many RealSelf community members are pleased with the outcomes of Juvéderm: it’s a RealSelf Worth It Rating of 92%.

“I’ve always lacked from the eyebrow area and has been afraid to get any augmentation, believing it’d leave me disfigured. After hearing Juvéderm and meeting some men and women who’ve experienced the process I decided to jump in with both feet. Wow! I could not be more happy with the outcome and the supplier which I chose to proceed with,” states Susan Marleau in a recent RealSelf review.


Wondering if Juvéderm treatments may help you to get the refreshed appearance you desire? To find out contact Dr. Sheffield, a board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss your questions and find out about all of your choices with a customized treatment plan –and that is precisely what you will receive through a cosmetic consultation at SB Aesthetics.  Call us at 805.318.3280 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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