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Effective Deep Wrinkle Filler

Injectable fillers such as Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm etc. are recommended as a deep wrinkle filler after neuromodulators like Dysport or Botox have been used for treatment with little or no results. When a patient needs a deep wrinkle filler, Botox and Juvederm can be used.

While Botox is used to handle the culprits that cause wrinkles by temporarily weaken the muscles that cause the patient to frown, Juvederm on the other hand, functions as filler that is used to fill the void created right beneath the wrinkle.

Some professionals recommend the use of a deep wrinkle filler like Juvederm along with Botox to treat deep wrinkle. The presence of deep wrinkle on the skin will require both Botox and fillers to correct. While helping the deep wrinkle filler last longer, Botox works synergistically well with Juvederm.

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Although Botox is capable of softening those hyperactive muscles that form lines on the skin by addressing the “dynamic” aspect of the lines, it is however, recommended to use an effective deep wrinkle filler like Juvederm to cover up those lines and fill in the depressed wrinkles as they are more likely to still be there even after Botox treatment.

It is important to go to an experienced injector, plastic surgeon or dermatologist for effective deep wrinkle filler due to high risk of complications especially in delicate areas like the eyebrows. Remember, this is an advanced technique!

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