What You Need To Know About Earlobe Repair Surgery?

One of the most common aesthetic deformities of the ear is the torn or split earlobe. A torn or split earlobe is usually caused by wearing heavy jewelry, the earlobe being pierced in the wrong area or from other trauma. No matter the cause of the damage to the earlobe, earlobe repair surgery can be the answer if you want to continue wearing earrings.

What Type Of Earlobe Damage Can Earlobe Repair Surgery Help With?

There are three main types of earlobe damage that earlobe repair surgery fixes. These include slits, earplug deformities and aging or elongated earlobes. Earlobe splits are commonly repaired with re piercing after one month. . This damage is most commonly caused by heavy earrings.

The best method to fix an earlobe is to create a raw surface on the inner area of tear, and suture the edges of the tear together. Any scars from the original tear will be nearly invisible after the ear has healed.

Earlobe repair surgery can also be used to fix earlobe abnormalities like a large earlobe or longer earlobe. The surgery can help shorten the earlobe to fix the sizing issues that is bothering the patient.

Earlobe Repair Surgery can help correct the trauma to the earlobe and regain it’s aesthetic appearance or to continue to wear heavy jewelry.  If you want a non-invasive approach to a earlobe repair which can restore the appearance or functionality of the earlobe, contact Dr. Sheffield at SB Aesthetics to discuss a treatment plan to determine if you are a candidate for silhouette lift.

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How Does Earlobe Repair Surgery Work?

The type of trauma to the ear and the amount of damage will affect the type of earlobe repair which Dr. Sheffield will use. Some types of trauma are fixed with just the use of sutures. There are also sutures that can be added to the earlobe to make the shape look more natural.

In both types of surgery, local anesthesia is used. The earlobe is then corrected using the preferred method by Dr. Sheffield Most of the time the surgery will take less than an iAfter the surgery is completed, the ear is bandaged, and you can return to your normal life. The ear will nicely and sutures are removed 5-7 days.

What are The Risks of Earlobe Repair Surgery?

There are very few risks when you have earlobe repair surgery done, but infection is always a risk when you have any kind of surgery done. Most of these infections are treated with antibiotics.

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

Most patients can return to their work right after having surgery. It is recommended that you take Tylenol if you experience mild discomfort

Can I Have Scars From Earlobe Repair Surgery?

There is the possibility that you will have some scarring. However, most people do not have visible scarring after earlobe repair surgery. Earlobe Repair surgery is done to hide the scars on the inside of the earlobe.

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