For most of us, smiling comes easy and naturally. Generally speaking, it is nice to see several millimeters of incisors (teeth) showing during conversation. However, there are some people suffering from gummy smile. “What is a gummy smile?”, you might ask? Well, when we smile, we are supposed to expose a small section of the gum, however, when the smile ends up exposing the entire gum section, this is what is referred to as a gummy smile.

a) What Causes a Gummy Smile?

In the past, gummy smiles have been linked to body deformities that lead to people suffering from this condition to be self-conscious about how they smile. A gummy smile can affect your personal, social and professional life.

Using Botox injections to correct a gummy smile can help improve self-esteem. Only 2-3 injections may be needed annually. To learn more about correction of gummy smile and determine if it is the right treatment for you contact SB Aesthetics.
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There are several factors that lead to gummy smiles, some of which are outlined below:
1. When the upper lip is thin, thereby lacking fullness, a gummy smile is likely to develop.
2. Movement of the upper lip. – If the upper lip is hypermobile, it tends to move higher than usual, thereby revealing more gummy teeth.
3. When the upper jaw is longer than usual, a gummy smile will develop even with the slightest movement of the upper smile.
4. Excessive gum tissue – this results in large gums and gummy teeth, which are excessively exposed resulting into a smile as well.
5. Shape and size of teeth – A person is likely to have a gummy smile if they have big gums little teeth.

b) How to Fix a Gummy Smile.

A physician will first examine your lips and gums to identify what is causing the gummy smile. There are several methods of gummy smile reduction.

1. Botox for Gummy Smile Reduction

For people with a gummy smile, Botox should be at the top of the list as a means of gummy smile correction. Botox works by increasing lip mass through upper lip injections. Botox upper lip is recommended for persons with thin upper lips.

For hyperactive lips, use of Botox for gummy smile reduction is advised. Botox injections will reduce muscle strength of the lips, which results in a reduction of upper lip movement.

c) How Long Is Gummy Smile Reduction Using Botox?

Botox injections are a quick gummy smile correction process that take less than half an hour. Dr. Sheffield will apply a local anesthetic or use ice to numb the area of operation before using Botox injections on the lip.

d) Am I an Ideal Candidate for upper lip injections as a gummy smile reduction treatment?

Candidates requiring a quick fix for gummy smiles are recommended to take Botox injections. If gummy smiles are causing social awareness, insecurities and impeded professional progress, then it is about time you get a gummy smile treatment using Botox injections.

f) How soon can I see results after my Botox treatment?

The Botox gummy smile treatment is almost immediate. However, some patients require at least two days starting noticing the results from the gummy smile treatment.

g) What is the cost of Botox for a gummy smile?

Gummy smile treatment is modest and it depends on the severity of the gummy smile.

h) Side effects of Botox in Gummy Smile Correction?

The side effects resulting from gummy smile reduction using Botox are temporary. Patients may experience redness, bruising and swelling on the area treated. Avoid massaging or rubbing the treated area, as this can cause uneven spreading of the Botox gummy smile treatment.

2. Dysport for Gummy Smile Treatment.

Initially referred to as Reloxin, Dysport is an injectable treatment made from similar neurotoxins used to make Botox. Just like in Botox injections, Dysport is also injected directly into the lip tissue.

a) How Long Is Gummy Smile Reduction Using Botox?

The gummy smile reduction procedure using Dysport takes about as much time as Botox. Dr. Sheffield will have finished the gummy smile treatment within 30 minutes.

b) How soon can I see results after my Dysport treatment?

Research has shown that Dysport gummy smile reduction results are felt and seen faster than Botox injections. This is a factor patients consider if they want instant result. However, full Dysport gummy smile treatment results could take about 2 – 3 weeks.

c) What is the cost of Dysport for a gummy smile?

As with Botox gummy smile injections, the costs of Dysport injections are similar to that of Botox. This cost is, however, different in for every patient since the more the units of Dysport needed, the higher the cost. However, it is a highly affordable treatment, and we have some of the most competitive prices in the market today.

d) Side effects of Dysport in Gummy Smile Correction?

Minor bruises that are caused by the needle are most likely to occur. Asymmetry and under correction are a possible outcomes which can be remedied with further treatment. If Allergic reactions are infrequent, however, if they occur with Dysport injections be sure to inform Dr. Sheffield.

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