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A “Liquid Lift” includes an assortment of different filler and injectable products to provide a smoother, fuller, more line-free appearance to the skin. Dr. Robert Sheffield of SB Aesthetics in Santa Barbara, CA who treated Maggie, wanted to completely rejuvenate, improve contour and create a fuller face.  “She has great skin, but incorporating just a small volume to a number of the regions where she is a tiny hollow made a big difference.”


“I have noticed through the years my lips have begun to appear hollow. My face is obviously small and because I have lost quantity within the years I believed that the extra fullness will make me seem.”

I opted to ditch the midface using Juvéderm Voluma, which gave her the ideal quantity of quantity and took that sunken look.”

What the individual states: “I feel as I’ve my lips back! When the filler depended, it was astonishing to observe how my lips had just the ideal amount of quantity. They do not seem cuter, rather obviously fuller.


“I really wish to be eloquent round my eyes and eliminate the small lines. However, I want to have the ability to reveal saying in my head when I laugh or grin”

Exactly what the doctor says: “To be able to provide a much better shape to her brows and open her eyes, then I injected Botox into her crow’s feet and between her forehead. This relaxes the muscles which form frown wrinkles and lines, and the ones that pull down the eyebrow. Filling the area together with Restylane provides contour, decreasing the hollows and altering the shape of her face, also.”

What the individual states: “I really like it! I am so smooth around my eyes but still possess motion over my eyebrows so that I do not possess that frozen-looking face. Filling the hollowness within my temples gave me a much softer appearance. It is a delicate and subtle difference”



“I’ve always hated my nose for my profile.

I evened it out using Juvéderm Voluma, altering the shape of her nose by massaging it and giving it a lift. Her nose is defined and straighter.”

What the individual states: “I never believed to possess filler injected in my nose.


In her profile, it is possible to see her chin is a bit less defined. Rather than working with a surgical augmentation to make it look more in equilibrium, I utilized Perlane, a filler that is thick, put deep inside the epidermis, and this works best with this particular area. It sculpts the chin for total balance to your face.”

What the individual states: “I had not actually considered correcting my chin. Seeing my elbows more in equilibrium with the rest of my head makes a huge difference. There is clearly a science to making equilibrium with subtleties and I am blessed that my doctor managed to keep a natural appearance.”



I didn’t wish to fortify them but instead, keep the proportions. I used a small quantity of Juvéderm Voluma within her lips. A reason the lips lean is that of a reduction in estrogen. Only a small filler rolls out them so that they seem complete and defined.”

Exactly what the individual states: “I had been somewhat worried about getting my lips done since I have seen so many poor outcomes and did not wish to seem like this. After I saw just how a bit of filler would add definition to that which I had, I had been sold.”


Juvéderm Voluma, a hyaluronic acid, is FDA-approved to include immediate volume into the cheek region. “It works well to even from the slopes and hills that are typical of their cheeks,” states Dr. Sheffield. Additionally a hyaluronic acid, Restylane includes big sized particles, which can be why it is excellent for treating severe wrinkles and healing areas which have to be recovered deeply.

A”Liquid Lift” doesn’t remove extra skin, tighten skin or offer long-term outcomes. “Liquid Lift” results continue on average for approximately one year. Some regions might begin to revert back to baseline faster than others based upon the filler used, just how much filler has been injected and how heavy the item has been injected.


Wondering if liquid lift may enable you to get the refreshed appearance you desire? To find out contact Dr. Sheffield, a board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss your questions and find out about all of your choices with a customized treatment plan –and that is precisely what you will receive through a cosmetic consultation at SB Aesthetics.  Call us at 805.318.3280 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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