What is Silhouette Neck Lift?


Silhouette Neck Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that relies on absorbable suture and small cones to engage the subcutaneous tissue. The FDA approved it in 2015 for use to tighten or to lift the sagging skin of the face and cheek region. Similar procedures are also conducted for the neck region. This process will use an advance thread and a cone that is bio-absorbable by creating a small incision behind your ear. The sutures will serve as a support on the tissue, and your body will eventually absorb the cones after 10-12 weeks which will allow the threads to create that lifting effect. Sutures are commonly made of Poly/Glycolide/l-lactide strands and cones that are absorbable.

Discover your youthful look.  Silhouette neck lift can help tighten the sagging skin of the face and cheek region which results in a more youthful appearance.  If you want a minimally invasive approach to a neck lift which can help rejuvenate your skin and help it look vibrant and beautiful, contact Dr. Sheffield at SB Aesthetics to discuss a treatment plan to determine if you are a candidate for silhouette lift.

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Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Silhouette Neck Lift?

Patients who are looking for a mild change will find this process suitable for their condition. Those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional neck lift facelift. Patients will find that this an alternative procedure that does not involve major surgical procedure . They will also find the silhouette Neck Lift a more favorable process because of the recovery process. The ideal patient to have smooth skin and do not have too many wrinkles and fine lines. Also there should not be a significant about of fat of the neck. It is also recommended to individuals who are experiencing a premature jowling. Patients with neck laxity or those who want to have well-defined cervico-mental angle who do not want an invasive procedure are also good candidates.

What is the Steps Involved When Going to a Silhouette Neck Lift?

The patient will first need to undergo an initial consultation. During this process, Dr. Sheffield will be asking you some general questions in order to achieve your ultimate goal. He will also take notes on the asymmetry and abnormalities and create the medical plan that will best address your condition. Silhouette Neck Lift is customarily conducted in an outpatient site and will last for at least one hour. The process is frequently done in conjunction with Silhouette Face Lift. You will be receiving a local anesthesia to make this corrective procedure comfortable.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The patient is expected to experience a minimum level of discomfort during the surgical process. A slight amount of bruising can also occur which will gradually be improved after 1 week. Certain individuals may also experience swelling. Infection rarely happens on the Silhouette Neck Lift. A slight tightening feeling can be experienced within 4 to 6 weeks and the area affected may feel tender during the initial 2 weeks.

How Long Until I Return To My Regular Activities?

You will be restricted to perform activities during the first week. n the doctor will recommend Any forceful activities should be avoided during the first 4 weeks after the Silhouette Neck Lift.

How Long Does The Silhouette Neck Lift Last?

Studies to date have focused on the results of the Silhouette Lift, which usually involves three sutures place on each side of the cheek. Studies show that there is a collagen or scar tissue formation where the cones have been placed. The idea is that as the cones lock the soft tissue in place the collagen formation holds the new position of the skin in the neck or face. Studies show that the lift in the face holds up to two years. Early reports suggest that it may be more sustaining. Although no long term studies in the neck has been done the principle is the same. The best results would be expected in patients with modest degree of skin laxity and minimal amount of fat of the neck.

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