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Latisse Santa Barbara

Latisse: Your Dream Eyelashes Transformed into Reality

Dreaming of the perfect eyelashes? Latisse can prove to be the perfect solution. It is one of the medically advanced solutions that can prove to be promising, especially if you take a look at the results from women who have actually tried such in the past. It will add more volume and life to your lashes, which will surely make you look more stunning.

What is Latisse?

In case you have not yet heard about this magical solution, it is a prescription strength medication that has been developed specifically for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis. In layman’s term, the latter refers to a condition wherein a person has inadequate eyelashes. It leads into quicker growth, fuller volume, and darker color of your lashes. If you take a look at Latisse before and after pictures, it will not take long before you can realize that the changes can indeed prove to be dramatic.

How to Apply Latisse?

The good news is that its application will be easy for most people. This is a once a day treatment, which you can do on your own. There is no need for expensive treatment or surgery in the presence of a qualified professional. All that you have to do is to have it applied on the base of your upper lashes. In 12 to 16 weeks, you will notice the results of its use.

How Does Latisse Work?

There are two ways by which in can be helpful in the growth of your eyelashes. It helps in the increase of length during the growth phase and then it increases the number of strands that are present. With this, it is apparent that you can expect not only longer but even fuller lashes. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it does not work overnight. Patience is a virtue, even when it comes to the use of Latiesse.

Do I need Latisse Prescription?

Yes, you will need a prescription from a qualified professional before buying the product. This is because it comes with active ingredients, which can cause adverse reactions for some users. Getting a prescription should not be difficult, especially if there are no existing conditions that can possibly interfere with the use of the product.

How Much is Latisse?

Latisse cost will vary, depending on where it will be purchased. It would be best to compare prices from different sellers to find the best value. Nonetheless, if it is way too cheap compared to others, you have a good reason to be in doubt. At all times, make sure that the seller is legitimate to be guaranteed of the outcomes of using Latisse.

Are there Latisse Side Effects?

Anyone who is interested in trying Latisse will most probably have concerns about its safety. Based on clinical studies, however, it is proven to be safe, so there is no need for you to be worried. Nonetheless, if you have an existing eye problem, there is a possibility that you will suffer from side effects. The same thing is also true if it is applied in the wrong way. Some of the most common side effects from its use include redness and swelling, but they generally won’t last long.


Whether you are thinking about having an aesthetic treatment, a non-surgical procedure or have had prior surgery and are seeking to additional touch-ups, it is critical to work with a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures. Dr. Robert Sheffield is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics offering aesthetic and cosmetic services to those in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Oxnard and Ventura, CA, and the surrounding communities.  Dr. Sheffield offers patients a customized treatment plan and is available to answer your questions. To schedule a consultation, call 805.318.3280 today.


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