What is Volbella?

VOLBELLA is a gentle filler, applied by injection, that is based on hyaluronic acid (HA) and designed to aid in improving the over complexion of your lips. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA lip injections result in a more natural looking lip enhancement when compared to other similar facial procedures. This new formula ends in a healing process with significantly less swelling and increased longevity of the results. Overall, VOLBELLA can help smooth lip lines acquired with age and resurface stubborn fine lines.

What are the General Requirements of the Volbella Treatment?

For the average requirement, the ideal patient for Volbella XC needs to have certain dissatisfaction with his or her thinning lips.  The aesthetic treatment is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

Volbella is a new facial filler used to create fuller lips and to decrease the presence of fine lines around the mouth.  To find our more about a Volbella treatment plan, give us a call (805) 318-3280 at our Santa Barbara office today!

How Much Does Volbella Cost?

The cost of Volbella, when compared to other treatments such as plastic surgery, is relatively reasonable.  The syringe used to inject the facial fillers varies depending on the area of the face to be injected.  Smaller and delicate areas will generally require a smaller amount of fillers.  For example, injections to the lips will require more Volbella than injections to fine lines in one area.

How Does Volbella Work?

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA lip injections are created with molecules that are almost identical to the natural HA already in our bodies. This procedure features Vycross technology which improves cross linking between HA chains and causes them to perform more efficiently. In turn, this results in less swelling and prevents over absorption of water. It allows you to benefit from quicker healing times from the procedure that is made to be as painless as possible. The injections are formulated with a soothing lidocaine anesthetic to provide you with ultimate comfort.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA can prove to be very beneficial to anyone’s overall appearance. These benefits include erasing vertical lip lines, otherwise known as smokers lines, plumping your lips to give a more youthful and accentuated look, as well as enhancing the prominence of the figurative “M” between your mid-upper lip. The procedure will help to gently restore the volume of your lips while also providing a more natural look compared to some other artificial looking lip enhancements.

Where is Volbella Injected?

The generally treated areas of JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA lip injections include any part of the lip that has lost its volume, the diminished contours of the lip that need to be re-defined, the downward turning corners of the mouth as well as plumping marionette lines. As time goes on, the skin on your lips becomes more fragile and broken down, which leads to unwanted wrinkles and stubborn lip lines. These injections are the ideal option for re-hydrating your aged lips and bringing them back to life.

Can I Combine Other Treatments With Volbella?

When you decide to begin your journey with the JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA injection procedure, you’ll be glad to know that you can combine it with other treatments. Facial laser procedures are highly recommended, choose one whose purpose is to stimulate collagen or aid in rejuvenating the mouth area. This will guarantee the success of your results even more so than those who receive injections and do not combine treatments.

What’s The Recovery Like?

After your JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA injections you can expect little to no swelling and all swelling should go down within twenty four hours of the injections. Be sure to ask your specialist for a nice pack to be sent home with you for any redness or minimal swelling that may occur. Overall you can expect to resume your normal routine immediately following your procedure.

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