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Radiesse is a dermal filler that can add volume to the skin. It is normally useful in managing moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in the facial area. As a filler, it has proven to be highly effective at smoothing out unwanted lines. Radiesse itself is made of calcium-based microspheres that are very small and suspended in a watery gel. The spheres are similar to minerals that are natural to the body. As time passes, these spheres slowly are absorbed by the body and they leave behind natural collagen.

In general, there are two different functions of Radiesse injections: 

1.            Its immediate effect is to plump up the skin and eliminate lines and wrinkles, while giving the appearance of a smooth skin surface;

2.            Long-term, it is able to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen.

Collagen is important to the body and to maintain the youthful look. It is a protein that your cells create and they act as the binder that gives elasticity and firmness. As people age, collagen production slows down, which is why skin isn’t as plump. It creates sagging and wrinkles. This is where products like Radiesse are invaluable. They not only meet the immediate need for plumping, but they have long-lasting effects that improve the skin’s overall appearance and makeup.


You may be wondering if you’re a good candidate for Radiesse injections. Here are some of the areas where it is most commonly used:

             Marionette lines. Marionette lines are the lines that occur from the corner of the nostrils down to the chin. They can get deeper and more pronounced with time, as a natural result of aging and losing skin fullness.

             Corners of the Mouth. The corners of the mouth are also called “oral commissure”. This is an area that can start to turn down. Due to a loss of elasticity, the corners of the mouth change from their natural upturn to a downturn.

             Chin wrinkles. The chin can form horizontal lines with age. Again, this is due to sagging of the overall facial areas and a lack of collagen to boost skin back up into place. Lines on the chin can distract from the smile.

             Smile lines. This is common with age. Lines can run from the corners of the nose, or nasolabial folds, to the corners of the mouth. These can be more pronounced as time goes by due to lack of strength of the skin to stay taut.

             Pre-jowl Folds. The areas on the sides of the chin can start to sag with age. This is due to overall loss of facial volume.

If you have pronounced lines or wrinkles in any of these areas, you may be a good candidate for Radiesse. It can lessen lines and give your skin the strength it needs to look younger, fresher and fuller.

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A good candidate for Radiesse injections is someone who:

             Has lines or wrinkles that are pronounced and in need of fillers

             Has loss of volume and wants rejuvenation

             Has loss of skin tone and wants long-term improvement of the skin

             Understands the risks of any procedure

             Is realistic with the results that can be achieved

             Is relatively healthy

The most important thing to understand is what improvements can be made and what aren’t possible to make. This is dependent on each case and what their physiological makeup is like. Your doctor can discuss with you the possibilities and let you know that can be done.

Radiesse injections should not be used by patients who have severe allergies or patients who have a history with anaphylaxis. It also should not be used by patients who are nursing or pregnant.


Areas that can be treated with Radiesse injections include lips, frown lines, smile lines, marionette lines, cheeks, chins, jaw-line and nasal areas. The benefit is that Radiesse can restore fullness to the cheeks and facial structure. It can also help to restore jaw-lines by eliminating sagging skin in this area.

Discuss your concerns with your doctor, but in general an area that requires internal build-up and structure due to loss of fat as a result of aging, can be treated effectively.


Radiesse injections may be right for you if you need to improve facial fullness, or fill moderate-to deep lines in the face. These can be addressed. The biggest benefit of the product is that it has a long-lasting effect of promoting collagen within the skin. This is what maintains your look and facial fullness.


Radiesse injections are unique from other dermal fillers because of its composition. It is the only product that has calcium-based microspheres within it that are able to encourage natural production of collagen. Studies have shown that when people use injectable fillers, Radiesse gave them the highest amount of satisfaction, as opposed to hyaluronic acid fillers. While other fillers hold moisture, Radiesse is more advantageous because it has a long-term effect of improving the skin altogether. It encourages the skin to produce collagen and Radiesse is merely absorbed by the body.

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With Radiesse injections there are few side-effect that are actually product-related. Most effects of bruising and swelling are injection-related. If you do have any history of allergies, bleeding disorders, if you’re nursing or if you’re pregnant you should not use Radiesse. Beyond those categories though, there are no additional concerns. Discuss your full medical history, however with your doctor.


Radiesse is a plumping filler that is used to restore volume under the skin. On average, it costs between $600 to $800 per syringe. Usually one or two syringes are needed per treatment. This of course is dependent on the desired result and how much volume needs to be supplemented into the skin. Usually the results last for 1 year and after that another treatment is required to maintain facial fullness and volume.

In addition to the cost, individual offices normally offer some level of customizable payment options. You can discuss your specific situation with your doctor’s business office to find out what options they offer. It is always a good idea to keep this dialogue handy and have it with every doctor you are considering working with. It can play a significant part in the eventual choice of doctor.


When you visit your doctor for any procedure, be sure that you are armed with the questions you want to discuss prior to your arrival. It can be stressful to get to the office and you can get sidetracked. You want to be sure that all of your questions are answered. Your doctor is your best friend during treatment. You want to be sure that he or she is answering your concerns effectively and completely. It is recommended that you write down questions as you think of them prior to your meeting with your doctor. This way, you’ll have all of your concerns in one place and can go through them one-by-one. Here are some tips to consider adding to your list:

             Be sure that your doctor has performed your desired procedure before—numerous times with optimal results.

             Ask for pictures of before/after patients.

             Ask about your doctor’s Board Certification and their education.

             Find out of your doctor has hospital privileges and if so, where.

             Find out about how to prepare for your procedure: do you need to abstain from eating and drinking the night before? Should you cut out smoking or drinking?

             Find out what side-effects you should expect and how to manage them.

             Ask how long the procedure will take and where it will be done.

You want to find out the answers to your questions prior to your appointment for Radiesse, but you also want to get a gauge on your doctor’s bedside manner. Having a good connection is extremely important. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your doctor every question on your list, you should move on. This is your body and you have every right to ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable. You want a doctor that agrees with this!

Once you pick your doctor, you next should visit with them for the specifics of your treatment. Here is where you tell them what you want in detail. Tell them the desired results and what your expectations are. He or she will go over what is, and isn’t possible, and tell you your treatment options. They should write down everything for you and provide you with a breakdown of costs also. You may have to discuss this with the business office in more detail.  

On your day of treatment, your doctor will meet with you one last time for any left-over concerns or questions. He or she will put you at ease and meet you in the treatment room. They will begin the process and tell you what areas they are treating as they go. You may feel some discomfort due to needles, but it should be minimum. Your appointment may last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour—depending on the intensity of requested treatment injections.  

When you’re done, you’ll be able to leave. Likely you will experience some swelling and bruising. In general, it will be minimal. If you want, you can use ice on/off to ease long-standing problems. Symptoms can last up to 5-7 days. If anything more than simple swelling and bruising occur, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

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Radiesse injections results are immediate. When you get out of the chair, likely your doctor will show you the difference. This is one of the main reasons why this product is so popular. You can see results immediately and know exactly what you’ll look like. Of course there may be some bruising and swelling that are injection-related. In general these should completely subside within 10-14 days post treatment.


Radiesse injections are also beneficial because of how long it lasts. You’ll likely only need a re-treatment annually. If you have severe hollowness or volume loss, you may want to speak to your doctor about treatments ever 10-months.


Radiesse injections are administered as a quick procedure that usually takes less than one-hour. Most pain and discomfort is injection-related and not related to the actual product. With any injection, there is cause for swelling, bruising and general discomfort. It should be minimal and last for only a few days post treatment. With any procedure risks are involved however you can decrease the chances of risk if you do the appropriate pre-planning before your procedure. Primarily, you need to thoroughly vet your doctor and doctor’s office. Be sure that he or she has done the procedure numerous times before with a high level of success. Also, be sure that he or she has the appropriate office tools to assist your case should any problems arise. Finally, be sure that you understand what you need to do pre-treatment and post-treatment. Ask any questions you have and make sure you understand what you need to do on your end to protect your health.

The benefits of Radiesse injections are large due to its ability to restore a youthful look. It makes patients look better, which in turn helps their self-esteem and general attitude to improve. Over the months following treatment it will continue to aid the skin in creating its own collagen content.


One of the main benefits of Radiesse is the simple aftercare needed post treatment. Speak to your doctor for your specific needs, but in general you may be tasked with massaging areas that were injected. Avoid alcohol and strenuous exercise immediately following your treatment. Be sure that you follow all of the instructions and ask any questions to the doctor or office staff. If any symptoms occur that are out of the ordinary, or that you are concerned with, be sure to reach out to your doctor.

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Here are some general answers to commonly asked questions about Radiesse.

What is Radiesse made of?

Radiesse is made of calcium-based microspheres inside a water-based gel. The spheres are similar to natural minerals within the body and over time your body will absorb them. They leave behind collagen within the skin.

Are Radiesse injections painful?

The only pain involved is injection-related discomfort. A good doctor has enough experience to inject your skin with the minimum of pain. You may see some general swelling, bruising and discomfort, but it should be minimal. Normally it lasts up to 2-3 days.

How are Radiesse injections different from other injectables?

What is different with Radiesse injections are its make-up, calcium-based spheres in gel and its long-term effects. Long-term it can improve the skins collagen content, which improves general elasticity. Not all injectable fillers have long-term benefits.

When will I see results?

You should see results immediately. Although there may be additional mild swelling, once this subsides you should see exactly what you results are. They should last for one year.

Is there downtime following Radiesse treatment?

There is no downtime following Radiesse treatment. Your doctor may recommend not using makeup for a day or two, but this is up to him or her. You also may not be allowed to work out or visit saunas for a day or two. Discuss your general habits with your physician.

How long will Radiesse injections results last?

In general, Radiesse treatments will last for one year. At this time re-treatment should be administered to maintain facial fullness.


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