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Botox Alternative: Are Botox Alternative Procedures Effective?

While there are no medications that can be considered alternatives and as effective as Botox, there are several procedures which can be conducted as a Botox alternative treatment. Botox treatment blocks the impulses of the nerve that cause muscles to contract and thus it is most effective when trying to remove wrinkles.

Botox alternative injectable

There are two injectables in addition to Allergan’s Botox namely Dysport and Xeonin. Both of these injectables have equal efficiency and duration benefit.

Natural Botox alternative

It is unlikely that they are better than Botox but there are cosmetic products like Frownies that temporarily freezes the movement of muscles which causes wrinkles. Face saver balls can reduce the sagging of skin, improve skin tone and circulation. Although this treatment does not have the significant results as a Botox injection, it is a suitable Botox alternative for situations requiring slight improvement.

Longer lasting Botox alternatives

A surgical procedure called brow lift can remove deep forehead lines or lines between the brows. Its effect can last for ten years. CO2 laser resurfacing can provide a solution for five years or more for crow’s feet and lines around the eyes.
Products that have ingredients like cosmeceuticals can benefit the skin overtime though they are not more efficient than Botox. Vitamin A cream or antioxidants containing vitamin c can also be used for eliminating wrinkles and lines in faces. The use of these products will result in reduction of lines and smoother skin by around six months. The benefits of all these procedures can be further enhanced with Botox treatment right before or after the procedure.
If you are eager to know more and in need of professional guidance, you can make an appointment with a dermatologist and seek medical help for better and long lasting results.
Interested in Botox, Dysport or Xeomin treatments? Look no further! If you need Botox for crow’s feet, migraine, wrinkles, folds, shadows, sweating, and other common problems, get in touch with us today! Schedule a consultation and let us create a treatment plan designed for you. Call Dr. Sheffield today at our Santa Barbara location (805) 318-3280.

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