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The Complete Guide To Xeomin Injections



In the world of injectables, there are a lot of options to diminish wrinkles and lines, or fill hollow areas. One common one is Xeomin. It is a nerve activity blocker that can effectively reduce muscle movement. Here are some of the specific details of what it does, how it is used and what you can expect if you choose it as a treatment.


Xeomin is also called incobotuliniumtoxinA or botulinum toxin type A. It is created from botulinum much like Botox and has a list of effective applications as a result. It is FDA-approved and under a trained professional’s direction, it can be a very important part of improving the look and even quality of life. Patients around the world are excited about its efficacy and the ease of treatment.

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Like Botox, Xeomin is injected into the skin with a very fine needle. The cosmetic surgeon will gauge the amount of product and number of injections needed to achieve the desired results. What Xeomin does is temporarily paralyze the muscles that cause the unsightly wrinkles, dimples and folds. Because of this it has to be maintained, but the ease of treatments makes it easy to schedule into patient’s everyday lives with little, to no, interruption of their daily activities.


What is useful about Xeomin injections is that you can use it for a variety of purposes. Here are the most common:

  • Wrinkles. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. After muscles move throughout your lifespan, they can leave lasting wrinkles and dimples within the skin. These can range in severity depending on your facial structure. They can occur anywhere on the facial area and can be a highly unwanted result of everyday life.
  • Forehead creases. These also are an unwanted result of moving your forehead a lot. The severity depends on habit and the muscle contraction that is common. Of course this is highly individualized and it also is extremely different to “train” yourself to not move your forehead. Though some people try home remedies, the most effective method of treatment is to use some injectable that can block the muscle’s nerves. It stops the movement that causes the problem.
  • Corners of the mouth. These are also areas that show signs of obvious aging with time. The constant movement of talking and smiling can create lines from the corners of the mouth out, or down. Either one is another difficult thing to “unlearn” if you have been making these movements your entire life. Blocking the nerves that make these heavy creases is the most effective option of managing them.
  • The 11’s. The elevens are the frown lines that can show up above your nose. They for a virtual “11” above your nose and are the result of showing emotion. These are particularly difficult to remedy because they can be highly pronounced and deep. Xeomin is ideal for working with these folds and stopping them from happening, thus ending the unsightly look.
  • Crow’s feet. This by far is the most common aging sign that people want to rid their faces of. These are the small lines that extend from the outer corner of the eyes. They are small but make it difficult to put on makeup and can be unsightly. Again- they are formed due to smiling and general facial movements. There is no good home remedy to ease them.

In addition to these common areas for treatment with Xeomin injections, it also can be used for other more severe problems. Beyond the aesthetic value, it also provides viable treatment for muscle spasms of the arms and the neck. Spasms in the neck can be severe post-injury and few treatments can ease the muscles’ tension. Xeomin can be used to treat this condition which is formally called cervical dystonia.


One of the most common injectables available is Botox. You likely have heard of Botox. It generally does the same thing that Xeomin does. It is able to block the nerve activity of muscles and cause a reduction in the activity of the muscle. This not only stops the muscles from creating unwanted movements like frowns or furrowing of the brows, but it also helps to diminish long-term lines and folds within the skin.

Although both Botox and Xeomin injections do the same thing, they are made differently. Botox contains a protein within its make-up. That protein is supposed to help with other issues, but some people prefer the “cleaner” make-up of Xeomin. It has no additional additives. It merely is an FDA-approved treatment of botulinum type A. Its purity is the main reason why so many people opt for Xeomin injections rather than other options that are injected with accompanying solutions and additives.

Both of the products, Botox and Xeomin, are safe and approved for injectable use. Many times the product your cosmetic surgeon chooses to use on you will depend on your individual goals, anatomy and facial structure. A trained and experienced surgeon will discuss with you which injectables are the most effective for your specific needs.

One thing to note is that Xeomin is a newer product. Because of this it has a lower price-point than Botox. In general, you can expect to pay $9-per unit of Xeomin. To understand the difference, a treatment of Botox costing $300 would be $225 with Xeomin cost.

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When you choose to consult a professional about Xeomin injections, it is important to choose the cosmetic surgeon and the office that can fully support you from your initial consultation to your long-term follow up appointments. Remember that you will have to continue the procedure to continue the results you desire.

There will be many providers but you as the patient need to be ready to vet them thoroughly. Never pick the most cost-effective one without consulting others. You want to pay for the top-notch service that you need to achieve the results you want. Here are some steps to picking the perfect provider for your injectable treatments:

  • Always talk to more than one provider. You can start with your friends, coworkers and family. Ask them if they know of any cosmetic surgeons they recommend. You can start your search there, and expand it as needed.
  • Take a picture of yourself doing various facial movements and look at it. The best way to do this is to use your mobile phone and then upload it to a full-sized screen. Look at the lines on your face and note what you want to discuss with your doctor. You can even use a very simple program to make arrows or circles on your pictures so you communicate with your surgeon that these are the areas of most concern for you. Either email the pictures to the office pre-consultation or print them out for reference.
  • Make a list of the questions and concerns you have. In addition to your pictures, come up with your questions on pre-treatment and post-treatment. When you get to the office it is easy to forget all of the questions you have or to get too involved with the surgeon’s presentation. Write down everything you want to cover. Again- you can email it to your surgeon or the office prior to your consultation so he or she is ready for your questions and knows that you’re serious about getting answers.
  • When you meet with your potential provider, be sure that finding out whether they are Board Certified is your primary concern. If they aren’t, then eliminate them immediately. You want someone who knows exactly what to do and how to achieve the look you want.
  • Take notes on what the doctor suggests during your consultation. Many times you think of one procedure, but your doctor will suggest a more comprehensive treatment plan that covers your entire facial area. If you think you may have a difficult time focusing and remembering everything, bring a friend.
  • Make note of the office you visit. Remember that though the cosmetic surgeon is important, so is the support staff he or she has. They are the ones you also will be working with for additional questions, your billing process, your after-care, etc. You want to be sure that they seem friendly and helpful every step of the way.
  • Ask your potential cosmetic surgeon to share some pictures, both before and after, of patients he or she has treated. Make sure that they have had the same procedures you are requesting. This is the best way to ensure that your surgeon has the expertise you need them to have to get the job done the way you want it.
  • You also should be able to ask your cosmetic surgeon for some patients who went through the same procedure you’re considering. They should provide you with some names and numbers so you can follow-up and get a first-hand view of what the procedure will entail and how happy other patients are with their results.
  • Ask where the procedure will be done. Most likely the surgeon does it right in their office, but ask to make sure. Also, also ask what staff will be with the surgeon and what type of after-care you should be prepared to maintain for yourself as you heal.

Remember that when you are choosing a cosmetic surgeon you want to be sure that they are highly experienced and can meet your needs. Discuss everything possible with your surgeon. They should be ready to answer all of your questions and their general tone should be positive and supportive.

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When you are ready for your treatment you will likely be happily surprised at how little trouble it really is. Your surgeon will tell you what to do pre-treatment. This may include discontinuing some medications like aspirin or ibuprofen. When you show up for your appointment, you will be prepped for the treatment by the staff. They will be sure to give you clean hospital gowns and take you to the treatment room. Most likely they will set you up to be as comfortable as possible while you wait.

Your Xeomin injections will be completed at your office visit. The doctor may give you a topical anesthetic to numb your face. Many patients don’t need this, but if you’re particularly sensitive to needles you may opt for it. The needles that actually inject Xeomin are very small and likely will create minimal irritation. In fact, many people report feeling a multi-second prick and nothing more during injections.

You will know exactly what areas your surgeon is going to inject well before your actual treatment. There are going to be no surprises. Most likely you will be able to return to your normal daily activities almost immediately post-treatment. Your surgeon may request that you abstain from alcohol and any strenuous exercise for a day or so. They also may ask you to try to keep your head upright and avoid any massaging of the areas of injection.

If you do experience discomfort, it likely will only last for a few hours. Mild swelling and redness are common at the injection sight, but anything beyond that is highly unlikely. If you do experience anything more, call the surgeon’s office and ask if you should do anything. Your office likely will monitor your healing process for the next few days, but most likely it will quickly heal.


Xeomin injections are a highly effective method of treating wrinkles and limiting general muscle movement. How long it lasts will depend on your individual body’s makeup and how much is injected. In general though, results will last from three to six months. This is why it is important to schedule your follow-up appointment with your plastic surgeon. Once they gauge how long your treatments last they can put you on a long-term schedule for maintenance. He or she may also adjust their techniques or your dosage accordingly to achieve the look that you want.

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What is nice about Xeomin injections are that they also have other uses beyond aesthetic. Yes- that is the most common use, but it is a helpful tool for other more serious ailments. Here are the three most common:

  1. Muscle spasms within the body. As stated, Xeomin injections have been found to be effective with treating cervical dystonia. Some cases are very severe and without Xeomin patients would be at a loss for some relief. Because it lasts for 3-6 months, it offers a respite from the discomfort of uncontrollable spasming neck and back muscles.
  1. Neck bands. Sometimes as people age their necks show signs of premature aging. This can create band-like vertical lines in the neck area. Xeomin injections can be used to help relax these neck muscles and give the look of a much smoother area.
  1. Excessive sweating. Some people have problems with excessive sweating. Though they have tried everything OTC and even prescription, they can’t stop the issue. This is when injections of Xeomin can assist. They botulinum type A interrupts the nerve impulses that activate the sweat glands and stops them. This can be another invaluable solution for those who suffer from this ailment.
  1. Migraines. Some research has shown that Xeomin injections can assist patients who suffer from chronic migraines. Again- this is a very intrusive ailment that can stop everyday life. Without a viable solution, patients are left to suffer needlessly. The solution doesn’t work on everyone, but for chronic migraine sufferers it is definitely worth a discussion with a qualified and trained professional.

Xeomin injections are a highly-effective injectable that can be used for a variety of different applications. Under the guidance of a trained and experienced professional, it can improve the quality of life for the patient. 


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