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Among the anti-aging procedures around the globe, Botox is one of the most heard names with a proven track record. Notwithstanding, there are so many myths surrounding this product. The rest of this article talks on some myths often heard about botox cosmetic injections.

Botox Is Unsafe And Toxic

As a pure extract of botulinum protein, Botox is completely healthy for cosmetic use. The total amount of the substance injected is not even close to toxic levels. The misconception regarding the unsafe and toxic nature of Botox is mainly because it is derived from botulinum toxin (commonly connected to food poisoning). There has never been a report of terrible adverse effects regarding this product, despite a large number of treatments carried out all around the world for more than 20 years now.

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There are excruciating pains from its usage

It is a fact that getting treatment from Botox cosmetic injections mainly involves the insertion of multiple injections. Most of these patients experience very little or no discomfort. The needles are typically small and penetrate just beneath the top layer of the skin. A slight sensation may be felt, like pinching. While there are numbing creams available, some of the users do not even see this as necessary.

Dermal fillers And Box Are The Same

Although dermal and botox fillers both remove wrinkles they work very differently. Botox cosmetic injections work by relaxing every muscle responsible for the facial expressions of the patient such as fine lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Dermal fillers naturally plump up the areas that lack volume, like the lips and the cheek. It fills deeper folds and increases areas like the marionette lines and smile lines.

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Botox gives you an ‘overdone’ look

Botox cosmetic injections treatments are technically-sensitive. When injected by a skilled practitioner, it can never make you look completely frozen or emotionless. It only relaxes the muscles at the stage of injection (this means that it can’t inhibit facial expressions completely). The aim is to look natural and refreshed, not apparently “over-done.”

You may no longer require the use of Botox cosmetic injections once you have a facelift surgery

Even after a facelift surgery, many other facial muscles which are responsible for wrinkles and lines will typically benefit from the use of Botox. Although it is the choice of the patient whether to continue with Botox or not, most patients who had a cosmetic facial surgery feel more satisfied with the outcome of the surgery if they continue with their botox treatments.

It is safe to have anyone inject Botox cosmetic injections

Even though Botox is a very safe and straightforward treatment, it isn’t ideal or advisable that anyone administers it anywhere. It requires a medical procedure, simply because your results are mainly dependent on the expertise of the healthcare professional.

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Botox cosmetic injections effects are permanent

Botox offers temporary results, which is the main reasons why it is very safe. The wrinkles will return gradually as the muscles beneath the skin naturally start to move after 3 to about six months. The effect may last longer or shorter, it all depends on the patient. If you choose to preserve your results, then you should repeat this treatment every 3 or 4 months.

Botox Is Basically for women

Botox is an excellent anti-aging treatment for both women and men. Naturally, men may need more dosage of it due to bigger facial muscles. In practice, it has been observed that every year, more men continue to seek treatments with Botox.

Whenever I am reliant on the use of Botox cosmetic injections, the wrinkles grow worse

Anytime the effects start to fade away; facial muscles begin to gain the mobility they once had before the treatment. The wrinkles you had before your treatment will gradually return, but cannot be worse.

Some say it works rapidly

Well, it would have been lovely if botox worked that fast. However, it is gradual. It takes about four days to see any significant changes, but by the 7th to about ten days, everything would have changed for the better.

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