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The common techniques for skin treatment are facials, chemical peels and dermabrasion. They are wonderful skin treatments as they make the skin glowingly smooth. However, these techniques only have effect on the topmost layer of the skin. Don’t you think any skin needling procedure that will go further than the topmost layer of the skin will offer better results?

This is why you need, skin needling, otherwise known as Microneedling. It goes further than the topmost layer of the skin. Sounds scary to you? Contrary to your thought, microneedling is not as scary as it sounds. It is a very simple procedure. Microneedling will improve your skin.

Microneedling, or skin needling, is about inflicting a little pain on your skin to make it much smoother and better. The injuries that arise from microneedling heal very quickly. In carrying out the process, tiny needles will be used to puncture the skin into the epidermis and superficial dermis where collagen stays. It is a way of stimulating the skin to produce more collagen.

The punctures will initiate a wound-healing process that will lead to more production of collagen. The process does not only produce more collagen, it will also improves wrinkles and scars. These micro-injuries produced by microneedling heal up much faster than you can imagine.

Have you seen the skin needling dermarollers that are covered with needles before? They look quite terrifying, don’t they? The device usually scares people away from the procedure. This is why a lot of dermatologists have switched to the use of a simpler and less terrifying motorized microneedling pen. This pen got into the United States a couple of years ago.

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Microneedling helps to remove acne scars and signs of aging on the skin. Apart from softening and erasing scars, lines and wrinkles, skin needling using microneedling can be used to treat stretch marks and to also plunge serum further into the skin.

According to a research carried out in 2016, the interest in microneedling has increased and its popularity has soared so high. More patients now trust the procedure and the list keeps increasing.

While laser treatment is more effective than skin needling using microneedling, it is not as cost-effective as microneedling. Besides, laser treatment inflicts more pains than microneedling. Even though laser treatment will likely produce more collagen, microneedling is more suitable for younger patients and patients with mild scars. Some people can’t just pull themselves together for laser treatment. Microneedling is the best option for those category of people. However, it should be clear that laser treatment will induce more collagen faster and it is also more expensive.

Whether you choose lasers or microneedling, none will make your skin produce up to the amount of collagen you had when you were just ten or below. Each of the techniques can only improve your skin. However, a series of microneedling procedures should be your best bet as each of the procedures makes your skin better and produces more collagen. With several sessions of microneedling, your aged skin gets closer to your youthful skin. So, even though a series of microneedling sessions may not give you full correction, there will be a significant improvement.

Of course, you will need to endure a little pain during microneedling session but the pain is not as much as you would have thought. Besides, your dermatologist would have applied some numbing cream to reduce the pain. Some dermatologists are better than others. Your specialist needs to be very fast so that by the time you start feeling some pain in a particular area of the skin, he would have moved to another area. Although your chin and forehead will hurt you more than other parts of the face during skin needling, the pain is still not much.

Microneedling takes three days to heal up so you should stay at home during the three days. Your skin will be red and you will be looking strange. In fact, it will look like you had severe sunburn. Your skin will be refreshed and soft and even smoother and by the third day, you are good to go.

The same thing applies to ladies too. They have to stay at home for those three days. But if they have to go out, they need to wear a cap. However, they should be able to apply cover-up foundation on the third day.

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Take post-microneedling care seriously to avoid infections after skin needling. This is very important because your skin will be highly susceptible to infections for a few days after the procedure. Your dermatologist should apply SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel with hyaluronic acid or other forms of disinfectants after the skin needling procedure. You should also get a reliable moisturizer that you will apply regularly to your skin. Your skin has to be moisturized always especially after a microneedling session.

After the skin needling procedure, you should stay away from retinol and never expose your face to sunlight as it could burn the already injured skin. Just avoid anything that could lead to an infection. You could abstain from exercises to avoid sweating and you should also abstain from makeup. All these should not take more than three days.

It is not really advisable to do it yourself at home for several reasons. First of all, you will not likely want to hurt yourself so the depth of the procedure will be shallow. It won’t induce as much collagen as necessary.

The DIY microneedling has been designed to protect you from hurting yourself so your skin won’t be inflicted with injuries enough to get a significant skin needling result. You won’t tackle wrinkles and scars properly. This is why most dermatologists do not recommend a DIY at-home microneedling.

What if there is a complication? Even though it rarely happens, but the possibility cannot be ruled out. DIY microneedling does not have provision for complications. It is only a certified dermatologist that can handle complications.

Microneedling also takes helps to make age spots less conspicuous. In addition, it can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation. The benefits of microneedling are much more than the few listed above and many are still being discovered.

To conclude, microneedling is not as scary and painful as you think. It is very effective and it is not as expensive as lasers.

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