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Fillers For Face: How Dermal Fillers Work

Have you ever wondered how fillers for face work, or how long they last, as well as when they should be used with Botox?
Dermal fillers are used to fix different issues related to facial aging, such as:
• Adding some volume and smoothing out deep creases on the nose down to the mouth.
• Plumping thin lips as well as smoothing out vertical lines on the lips edges.
• Augmenting the cheeks to enhance the shape.
• Filling out depressions under the eye area.
• Increasing volume to cover gauntness in the temple or lower cheek.
How Dermal Fillers Work
Don’t confuse Botox with dermal fillers. Even though both procedures are conducted with injections, Botox is often injected around wrinkles and the forehead and around the eyes to prevent muscle movement that ultimately leads to wrinkles.
Dermal fillers, on the other hand, has a plumping smoothing effect.
How dermal fillers work, both can be used simultaneously as a combination can bring about a younger-looking face.
Risks from Dermal Fillers
The major issue for most fillers for face is longevity, as well as the risk of lumping and migration, and the skill of the medical practitioner in placing the appropriate amount of filler in the right place.
When to Go for Fillers
You should consider dermal fillers to treat or mask signs of aging beyond what commercial skincare products can handle. Without question, dermal fillers can help enhance the appearance of deep facial lines and make the skin look supple and youthful in appearance.

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