Sculptra – A Convenient Dermal Solution

It goes without saying that there are many different processes taking place in our bodies as we age. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not as beneficial as we’d like them to be. For instance, the production of collagen is dramatically reduced as we grow older. This is the substance that is responsible for the smooth and elastic look of our skin. With this in mind, losing the collagen means that we are going to appear older. There are, however, treatment plans, which are designated to invigorate the growth of collagen, and Sculptra is one of the volume loss treatments that are known to be particularly beneficial.

What is Sculptra?

This is a specifically designed collagen replacer that is intended to enhance the look of your face by making it look fresher and fuller through filling it with collagen. It’s worth noting that this Sculptra filler is a non-surgical treatment plan that is going to work rather gradually, unlike other volume loss procedures. It’s going to take you between three and six sessions for the Sculptra filler to impose its steady renewal effects on your face.

How is Sculptra Administered?

As we mentioned above, the Sculptra filler is a non-surgical treatment, and it’s administered by injecting into the deeper areas of the cheek region, temporal recession and lateral cheek After all of the sessions are through, you are quickly going to observe the invigorating results. You will start seeing that your face begins to regain its younger, fresher, elastic and smoother appearance.

As we produce less collagen over time as part of the aging process, our skin loses the fullness and volume it once had. We are able to use injectable fillers such as Sculptra to help reduce the visibility of wrinkles, under eye bags and fine lines as well to restore the volume loss in the cheeks and hands.

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Sculptra VS Juvederm

Unlike Juvederm, Sculptra is not a reversible procedure. The results, however, are going to last for up to 2 years. It’s also much more natural because it enhances the production of collagen. Juvederm and Restylane, for instance, are hyaluronic acid gels that stimulate the accumulation of hyaluronic acid. Scupltra fillers, on the other hand, directly promote the production of collagen, and that’s why the results are far more lasting and generally speaking should be placed deeper in facial tissue.

Can I Use Sculptra with Other Injectables?

Yes, yes you can! Sculptra is likely to take a few months to manifest its beneficial results. During this time, you can use other non-surgical treatments for enhancing the appearance of your face. Juvederm and Restylane can be administered if you want quicker and more immediate results.

In any case, there are quite a lot of benefits that accompany the usage of this particular facial filler. The injectable is going to demonstrate particularly prominent and consistent enhancing results, and it’s the far more preferable option than going surgical alternatives. Not only is there less risk, but there is little downside to using it. Apart from the occasional redness and swelling after the procedures, there are minimal side effects to using this particular substance in order to replace lost collagen.


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