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Having a smooth and tender skin without any form of blemish is something many people desire. Presently, it has been discovered that most people spend massive amounts of money just to make sure they have a clean and beautiful skin. But despite the amount of skin care and huge amounts of money spent in order to achieve that glowing complexion, it has been a daunting task to achieve a blemish-free skin.

However, in recent times, with the vast improvement in technological development more excellent means of treating skin imperfections have been introduced. One of these means is “Photorejuvenation.” Photorejuvenation is an advanced procedure proposed primarily for the treatment of any form of skin reactions. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology used in photorejuvenation. It can be applied to tackle some of the major skin imperfections such as melasma, brown spots, sunburn, and even broken capillaries.

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This technology can also be applicable for the treatment of aging signs such as age spots and wrinkles. With very minimal side effects and short recovery time involved, photorejuvenation has become one of the most popular methods of treating skin imperfections. However, having known what IPL treatment and Photorejuvenation encompasses, it is imperative also to know the best time to consider this method of skin treatment.

When Is The Appropriate Time To Consider IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation?

Most times people fail to recognize the right time to go for photorejuvenation. Instead of considering the facts about the procedure (both the pros and cons), they just jump into it which is not proper. The following signs can be a determining factor for considering IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation:

  1. If you notice any form of brown spots, redness or scarring on your skin.
  2. You can consider photorejuvenation if you intend to enhance the look of your skin without passing through the full surgical operation.
  3. If you intend to decrease pore size, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin texture.

Having considered the appropriate time to go for photorejuvenation, you have to look at both the positive and negative aspects of it before embarking on the skin care treatment.

Below are some of the benefits and downsides of IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation:


IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation can be carried out on any part of the body.
Long lasting skin quality and texture can be achieved through photorejuvenation.
There is only a little or no downtime after the treatment.


After you have undergone each treatment, you must try as much as possible to avoid exposure to solar radiation.
To achieve the ideal result, quite a number of treatments may be needed.
It is not advisable on dark complexion skin as if may cause pigmentation issues.
When considering IPLIPL Treatment and  Photorejuvenation, these are some of the top three pros and cons to look out for. You can consult your beauty plastic surgeon if you want to rely on what is special to you.

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Are You The Best Candidate For An IPL Treatment and IPL and Photorejuvenation Procedure?

Below is a list of some common skin imperfections, therefore, if you are experiencing or frustrated by any of the skin problems mentioned then you are a good candidate for photorejuvenation:

Stretch marks
Broken capillaries
Spider veins
Texture problems
Large, visible pores
Excessive flushing

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How Is the IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation Procedure Performed?

The next step is to determine the techniques used in carrying out IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation operations. Pulsed light therapy is the primary techniques Photorejuvenation uses for curing of any form of skin blemishes. This technology works specifically by shining a bright, intense ray of light to several parts of the skin. To begin, you need to put on an optical mask, in order to prevent your eye from the rays of light. Also, an equipment called IPL device, which consists of a glass or laser surface is the tool that your doctor will use for the treatment.

This IPL treatment device is applied by pressing it deep down to the affected parts of the body, sending a light that heats up collagen below the skin, and supporting the body to yield out more of this necessary protein. Improved collagen development can cover up fine lines or wrinkles on the face, as well as some acne scars that are not deep. Certain skin imperfections like flushing and discoloration can be minimized by the use of IPL treatment technology. Your beauty dermatologist may also recommend double treatments so that you can achieve your aspiration within the shortest period. Most times, the best outcome might be achieved by applying laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel together with photorejuvenation.

How Does The Sensation Of IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation Procedure Feel Like?

Each person tell their tale of the experience in diverse ways. Some describe the sensation as the feeling you get when a rubber band is snapped on your face, while others see it like hot grease splashing through their skin. Both descriptions lead to the conclusion that photorejuvenation can make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

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Choosing An IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation Surgeon

While choosing an IPL treatment surgeon, it is advisable you select an individual you can rely on. Someone that has a good educational background, and is well skilled in the field. Someone you are comfortable with. Once you have succeeded in getting the right plastic surgeon in your locality who is well skilled in carrying out photorejuvenation, you will need to set out time for an office appointment to prepare your consultation. Most times, due to your initial appointment, it is required that you pay an additional amount of money based on the in-depth nature of the consultation.

Your Initial Consultation Appointment

Generally, during your first consultation, your plastic surgeon will inspect or check the nature of your skin and then disclose what issues may be enhanced by photorejuvenation. The specialist will also be the one to draw out a treatment plan (basically for your skin imperfection) comprising an estimated number of treatments in order to achieve the best outcome. Having a good knowledge about what you desire and your treatment condition, both additional and alternative medications might be taken into consideration. While coming for an appointment with your plastic surgeon, it is essential that you come prepared to communicate your past medical conditions. This will include, information about your former and present medical conditions; surgeries carried out before and current medications and allergies.

Your IPL Treatment Plan

According, to your desire, physical characteristics, and the surgeon’s training and experience, you will be given recommendations and information that will be beneficial your treatment plan.

  1. The method of your treatment, including the kind of procedure or combination of procedures needed.
  2. What is required to for you to successfully carry out the treatment?
  3. The amount of money that will be needed to complete the treatment.
  4. Complications and associated risk.
  5. Your anticipated outcome.

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Some Of The Questions You Need To Ask Your Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Occasionally, a significant number of people are confused and not confident about the right choice of issues to ask their beauty plastic surgeon. Make inquiries to ensure you are with the right surgeon for your procedure. Make the most intelligent and informed choice about your procedure and recognize the risks associated with it and the result you tend to achieve. It is essential for you to take a significant role and be part of your treatment plans. The following questions below can help you start your conversation with your surgeon:

Am I the perfect candidate for an IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation?
For the procedure I am going to undertake, do you have a before and after photos, I can view?
Is the outcome I am expecting to achieve reasonable and accurate?
What will be the total cost to complete the treatment?
What are some of the risks associated with it?
Do I have to avoid exposing my body to the sun?
How long will it take for me to recover fully and have that tender skin?

How Can I Prepare For An IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation Procedure?

This is another important factor you need to consider. Your aesthetic surgeon will provide you with the proper pretreatment instructions. You will be given answers to any questions you might have in mind. Take a proper examination of your skin in order to be sure you are the right candidate for the operation. In preparation for your procedure, the skin care specialist will ask you to moisturize frequently and try as much as possible to avoid exposing your skin to too much solar radiation. Your surgeon will similarly advise you to put on sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater than this. You also have to stop any form of smoking at least six weeks to the day that the operation will take place.

Another important point you need to avoid is taking of aspirin and some anti- inflammatory drugs. Avoid some herbal medications as it is likely to cause bleeding. You should restrain from applying certain creams that contain antibiotics; this is because they can influence the sensitivity of your skin negatively. It has been observed that most people are living with different types of viruses without having any idea. After the proper medication has been made and you are diagnosed with the herpes virus, you may be advised by your plastic surgeon to go for antiviral treatment. This is done basically to avoid the tendency of an outbreak on the day the procedure will commence.

Hydration is another important factor that should be considered no matter the type of surgery you intend performing. This is essential before and after treatment in order to recover in the shortest time frame. Always remember not to wear makeup or any skincare products the morning before you carry out your photorejuvenation treatment. Proper cleaning of your face at the office where the procedure is going to take place must be carried out before any form of treatment can occur. The reason why it must be done at the office is simply because your surgeon may apply a topical anesthetic before treatment. One interesting fact about IPL treatment and Photorejuvenation is that it is carried out on an ambulatory basis. Be ready to get someone who will take you home after the treatment procedure, and be with you even if its just the first night of your treatment.

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On The Day Of My IPL and Photorejuvenation Treatment, What Can I Expect?

Your photorejuvenation treatment may be done in a well-recognized hospital, office-based surgical suite or free-standing ambulatory facility. Depending on the nature or number of skin imperfections being treated, most photorejuvenation procedures may take at least twenty to thirty minutes. Here is what you will be expecting on that day:

  1. To prevent your skin from feeling very hot, forced cool air or a topical gel may be applied on your skin.

  2. Treatment will be given at your own comfort during the procedure.

  3. For your safety, a good number of monitors might be applied to examine your blood pressure, heart, pulse, and the rate of oxygen moving about freely in your blood.

  4. The treatment plans discussed by you and your surgeon will be followed amicably.

  5. At the end of your treatment procedure, you will be taken to a regulatory room where continuous observation will be done.

  6. After a short period of monitoring you, you will be given permission to go home or stay back if your surgeon decides you should stay back for your immediate post-treatment recovery.

Aftercare And Recovery

Your surgeon will communicate to you the period it will take before you can get back to your regular routine. After the treatment, you will be given instructions regarding post-surgical care.

What is the Duration Of Recovery After IPL treatment and Photorejuvenation?

After treatment, the best outcome cannot just be gotten immediately. While you tend not to notice any real changes after a particular treatment, it might take some different visits to develop the best result. Obtaining a glowing skin on time after treatment depends on how severe the damage sustained might be. Each skin differs. It is important to note that recovery time is powerfully diverse among patients. While some people might require about three to four different treatments before they can achieve that beautiful complexion, others might just have one.

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Keep A Good Relationship With Your Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

After treatment, most people fail to maintain a cordial relationship with their surgeon. This is wrong. For your own health benefit, as well as the most attractive and healthy result, it is imperative to go back to the office of your plastic surgeon for the purpose of a follow-up evaluation at specified periods. Also in cases where you observe any reactions in your skin. Whenever you have any questions in mind to ask based on your health, never fail to contact your aesthetic plastic doctor. A specialist is the best person to ask any skin imperfections related issues.

The Cost

The cost of IPL Treatment and Photorejuvenation differs from doctor to doctor and varies from one geographic area to another. Don’t expect the price to be the same everywhere. Due to the fact that Photorejuvenation is optional among individuals, insurance doesn’t cover the costs. Although, most times insurance may be present if the procedure is carried out to cure certain skin issues or basically to enhance critical skin scars. The bottom line is that quite a good number of surgeons provide their patients with financial plans so that the cost of treatment will be more affordable. It is recommended that you go to the right surgeon and not just any spa or salon because of cheaper cost.

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