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Dysport Vs Botox: Nonsurgical Treatment For Cosmetic And Aesthetic Procedures

As you grow older, it’s hard to ignore the visible signs of aging; from those ugly wrinkles around your lips and your eyes to those around your upper and lower eyelids.
Today, you can reduce the effect of aging on your face with many surgical cosmetics procedures.

What if I can’t afford surgical treatments or I’m too scared of getting under the knife?

If you want to improve your facial appearance and you are unsure about surgical procedures with all the risks that come with it, then a non-surgical procedure could be the ultimate answer.
These procedures are minimal or noninvasive. They don’t require surgical incisions or general anesthesia, and can often be carried out with minimal interruption to your day-to-day life.

So what options are available for non-surgical procedures?

If you are looking to improve your looks without going under the knife, then you should consider these standard non-invasive methods of facial rejuvenation; Botox and Dysport.

Botox vs Dysport

These products are almost identical and very efficient in facial treatment. They are extracted for safe use in humans to relax muscles and decrease its movement. They use the same procedures in relaxing muscles tissues and preventing it from responding to nerve impulses that control muscle contraction.

How do I decide between Dysport vs Botox?

So which one of these products is better for you? The truth is that the product you use should be a matter of preference. Some people use both and eventually settle for the one that works better for them.

What is the price difference between Dysport vs Botox?

The cost of Dysport vs Botox is not too different from one another. Dysport itself costs less per unit, but treatment might require more units than Botox which roughly equals the cost of treatment with either product. Dysport cost about 4 to 8 dollars depending on location while Botox costs about 11 to 16 dollars also depending on location. So if you require two units of Dysport for treatment, it might cost you 16 dollars or if a unit of Botox is needed it might sell for the same amount of two units of Dysport.   So the cost it is comparable.

How effective is Dysport vs Botox in comparision?

Treatment with Botox takes a few days to about a week to show visible result and lasts 3 – 6months while Dysport treatment may present visible changes a bit sooner in patients than Botox but last just as long. Results for the two products vary from patient to patient.

Are there any severe side effects you should be worried about?

The common side effects include muscle weakness and reaction like bleeding, pain, swelling in the area where the medicine is injected. Severe reactions are rare but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients and are having trouble breathing, speaking or swallowing, be sure to seek immediate medical care.
Pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers, should not use Dysport or Botox. Just be sure to disclose all your health issues to the specialist before receiving treatment.

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Interested to know more about your Dysport and Botox options? Wondering if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure? Schedule your Santa Barbara plastic surgery consultation today!  Call Dr. Sheffield at our Santa Barbara office (805) 318-3280.

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