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Do You Know Who Can Administer Botox Injections?

Due to the high demand for Both, Dysport and Xeomin injections, many medical practitioners have begun to administer it to make extra bucks. Nurses, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons and other medical experts are now into it creating a situation of who can administer Botox safely and effectively.

This is very wrong as being an expert in one area of medicine does not qualify you as someone who can administer Botox, Dysport or Xeomin. Patients often believe that their personal physicians can also handle botox injection for them. Plastic surgery is an area of medicine on its own and only a certified plastic surgeon can and should handle your botox injection.

Many people also mistake cosmetic surgeons for a plastic surgeons. Well, as much as both of them specialize on treating the face, a plastic surgeon has an in-depth knowledge that a cosmetic surgeon lacks. A plastic surgeon who is board certified is likely the mostly qualified individuals who can administer Botox.

A plastic surgeon has the in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the human face while a cosmetic surgeon just has the peripheral knowledge. Plastic surgeons are qualified to handle whatever complications that may occur during the surgery while cosmetic surgeons are not.

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Yes, Botox or Dysport each have several advantages and that is why they is in hot demand but you can only get a perfect result if they are handled by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. The credentials of your botox injector matters greatly as the treatment can have negative results.

The credentials of your prospective surgeon help you to determine if he or she is qualified or not. This is very important as a series of negative results can come out of a botox injection if not handled by a qualified plastic surgeon.

This treatment is meant to soften wrinkles and to lift your eyebrows and to make you look younger and more beautiful. But sometimes, the opposite occurs. The injection can drop the eyebrows more and even damage some important facial muscles and the patient comes out looking worse. Your are putting yourself at risk if you do not consider highly the qualifications of who can administer Botox.

But there are innumerable advantages of getting your botox administered by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will first evaluate your facial skin as he already has required knowledge of the anatomy of human face. He will then administer the filler based on the result of the evaluation. This evaluation is necessary because some skins require more botox than others to yield the same result. This is why you will always get the required results when your surgery is administered by a plastic surgeon.

And when a complication occurs, your surgeon already has the required knowledge, expertise, experience and tools to handle it. After the injection there should be a follow up treatment after about four months. Only a certified plastic surgeon should handle that.

You can only choose the right surgeon for your Botox injections if you know the right credentials to look for. You should hire only surgeons that have been registered and certified by American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery/Surgeons (ASAPS). In addition, you should ask for the results of the surgeries that he has done in the past. Most importantly, you can ask for reference from a colleague, friend or family who has successfully gone through it. Who can administer Botox is a crucial question to answer and that is why credentials matter.

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