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Some Appropriate Botox Injection Sites For Different Skin Issues

Botox is about the most popular injectable filler because of its potency. Injectable fillers are the best non-surgical method to remove all forms of lines, wrinkles and even eye bags from the face. Filling usually leaves the recipient looking younger and much more beautiful because her facial skin will be flawlessly smooth.
To get the best result from Botox and other fillers and also avoid complications, you need to take necessary precautions. The most important precaution is to get the procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon. This is very important. It is not out of place to ask your surgeon for his certificate or license to be sure that he is a board certified surgeon. You should not make do with a mere word-of-mouth. After all, you are protecting yourself. If anything goes wrong, you will bear the brunt because it is your body.
Apart from the precaution stated above, you also need to be aware of the appropriate injection sites for the best results. Most times, when the injection is applied to the wrong sites, it leads to another session before you get the desired result. It is also noteworthy that the injection sites depend on the kind of skin issue that is being treated. Below are some of the appropriate injection sites for Botox and other injectable fillers.
To remove forehead lines, you need to work on the Frontalis Muscle. About 5 to 25 units should be okay depending on the skin texture and the degree of the lines. An interval of about 1½cm should be allowed when injecting the lines. The injection site spot should be high enough from the brow to prevent ptosis.
For Glabella lines or frown lines, the targets should be both Procerus and Corrugator Supercilii muscles. Inject about 20 to 25 units into each of the two muscles. To avoid ptosis, injection should not pass the middle of the brow and it should not also be above the pupil.
For Crow’s feet, you need to inject both Procerus and Orbicularis Oculi muscles. Injection of about 5 to 15 units of fillers is fine. The pleats should also be injected with 2.5 units. 5 to 25 units of injection is fine for treating Bunny lines. 5 units of injection should be administered to the Orbicularis Oris muscle when treating smoker’s lines.
The injection sites for Marionette Lines are both Depressor Anguli Oris and Terangularis muscles. But for Mentils Dysfunction also known as Chin Dents, 20 units of Botox should be injected into different points in the Mentalis muscle. This will help to relax the muscles and make the contour irregularities less obvious.
For brow lift, the outer area of the brow should be injected so as to create a lifting effect. Extra care has to be taken for this because if it is wrongly injected, it can lead to ptosis. Finally, excessive sweating also known as Hyperhydrosis can be treated with Botox. This done by blocking acetycholine as it is the enzyme that stimulates the sweat glands. The sites to inject for this are the areas where the sweat occur the most.
For the armpit, the Axillary muscle should be injected. For the palms, Palmaris muscles should be injected and The Plantaris muscle should be injected to block acetycholine on the soles of the feet.

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