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20 Questions To Ask During Your Lip Injections Consult
Jul 7, 2020 – Mar 29, 2021
Fast, no surgery, no downtime, lip injections are more popular now than ever. The procedure has improved amazingly over the past few years. HA fillers such as Juvederm have become the gold standard, creating luscious, pillow-like, plump and delicious lips.

– Does the procedure hurt?
– Are there any risks with lip injections I should know about?
– What is the recovery like and what is the post treatment care?
– Why is it important to use an aesthetically trained plastic surgeon as an injector?
– Can you show some before and pictures of previous patients?
– What kind of results should I expect? Is it better to start small?
– What else do I need to know before getting my lips done?

Consider lip injections in Santa Barbara if you are interested in changing your physical appearance and restoring some of your youthfulness. Call us at (805) 318-3280 or visit us on the web to schedule a consultation. Contact the best med spa in Santa Barbara today.

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