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Why Consider Lip Enhancement?
Jan 30 – Aug 30
Are you currently bothered by the appearance of asymmetrical, lined or thin lips? These cosmetic treatments are designed to assist patients who are looking to remedy such issues in a timely manner. These concerns are addressed with ease, providing the patient with more confidence and a more aesthetically pleasing smile. There are a number of specific changes that can be made by a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

These changes include the restoration of volume and the smoothing of any vertical lines that have developed on the lips. Flat and/or thin lips can even be reshaped with the help of lip fillers.

At SB Aesthetics you will find trusted experts. We use the most recognized brands like Juvederm Ultra XC for lip injections in Santa Barbara. Do not hesitate, call us at (805) 318-3280 to schedule a consultation or visit our website to learn more about lip enhancement Call Medical Spa Santa Barbara now.

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