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Nowadays, if you are not keen on surgery but nevertheless wish to shave some years from your physical appearance or banish some wrinkles, then it is possible to turn to dermal fillers for a solution. A surgical rhinoplasty is also an option, but it may come with some drawbacks. A liquid rhinoplasty may look to be an ideal, temporary solution to surgical rhinoplasty. However, is it? Even though a liquid nose job may be a fantastic alternative for some individuals, it is not likely to fix all the very same problems a surgical nose job will soon fix.



Throughout a liquid rhinoplasty procedure, your physician uses injectable fillers to fill in regions around a bump in your nose, to lift the tip of their nose or to create a smaller nose bigger. Even though a nonsurgical nose job will fix some difficulties with the nose, it is not likely to be a great alternative for many people if the situation requires more than simple contouring. For instance, the fillers will not create a massive nose smaller. A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is generally only good at treating smaller lumps or at adjusting moderate levels of crookedness. In case you’ve got a huge bulge, augmenting it might not make it more visible but may cause your nose look radically bigger.

Some surgeons may use more permanent fillers, like Bellafill, made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

For instance, in case you’ve got a little bump in your nose, your surgeon may employ Juvederm or a comparable cosmetic filler, then give you an idea of how you are going to look with that bulge smoothed out. If you do not like it, in the instance of hyaluronic acid fillers, then ask for one more injection that can dissolve the hyaluronic acid.

Another huge advantage of liquid nose jobs tasks is they require a good deal less time than operation. Based on how many analgesics the surgeon should utilize, the whole treatment may take less than half an hour. Unlike after rectal surgery, you do not need to have a week or so away from work. A lot of men and women return to their lives quickly after receiving injections.

The huge risk for a liquid rhinoplasty task would be that: picking a poorly qualified injector. Though you aren’t having nose surgery, it is important to select a surgeon with lots of experience performing nasal surgery and rhinoplasty. That surgeon will possess the complete understanding of the anatomy of their nose and its constructions. That understanding is vital to making certain that you receive a natural-looking outcome from the liquid rhinoplasty.


Together with picking a surgeon who is experienced with rhinoplasty, you should want to work with somebody who has lots of experience with injectable liquid and fillers rhinoplasties. Though fillers are usually presented as less risky cosmetic remedies in contrast to an operation, they have their own dangers, particularly when performed by an inexperienced injector.

Just how long the outcomes from a non-invasive rhinoplasty last is based in part on the kind of filler used. Most lipoic acid fillers will produce results that could last for many months. If a milder filler such as Juvederm or Radiesse is utilized, the outcomes might endure for a year or two more.

There are also more lasting fillers on the market, for example, Bellafill, which can be collagen-based. Utilizing a more durable filler may be an alternative, but it may also make more sense to pursue a conventional rhinoplasty if you would like something permanent.



Liquid rhinoplasty is less costly than surgery, at least originally. The price of injections tends to be much lower compared to the price of operation. However, a non-invasive rhinoplasty may wind up being more costly in the long term, at least in case you opt to replicate the treatment since the fillers dissolve to a degree over time. Rather than paying one sum after for operation, you wind up getting a repeating yearly or semi-annual cost.

Wondering if liquid rhinoplasty is right for you and how to get the refreshed appearance you desire? To find out contact Dr. Sheffield, a board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss your questions and find out about all of your choices with a customized treatment plan –and that is precisely what you will receive through a cosmetic consultation at SB Aesthetics.  Call us at 805.318.3280 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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