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Lips Fillers: Meaning, Uses, And Considerations

Lip fillers are made from either natural or synthetic biocompatible materials that act as fat substitutes thus plumping the lip when administered. A single (lip augmentation) treatment is usually sufficient enough to get the desired result. However, the results, may be temporary which in turn would mean a repeat of the procedure. Lip fillers are one of the most effective substances used in lip enhancement. Here we would consider everything about lip enhancement with lip fillers.

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement also known as lip augmentation and lip injections is the process of altering or improving the appearance of the lips by injecting dermal fillers (into the lip) and/or injecting other substances as alternative treatment options. Many people especially women feel having a full, plump lip is a sign of beauty, youth and good health. Lip augmentation helps to increase the volume of your lips. The kind of fillers usually used are known as hyaluronic acid fillers.
Whether your lips are thin due to natural aging or you were born with thin lips, there are a number of ways to enhance their appearance. Lip fillers consists of either natural or synthetic substances that can effectively keep your lips plumped for a few months at a time. Each year, thousands of people decide to undergo lip enhancement and are usually pleased with the results they get.

When to Consider Lip Enhancement

Below are the only circumstances that would allow you to consider undergoing a lip enhancement procedure:
– Your lips are thin from birth and usually disappears when you smile. Lip enhancement will plump up your thin lips thus creating a fuller look for you.
– Your lips become less full and thinner as you age. Lip fillers can be infected into your lips to give you a more youthful look
– You are self-conscious about the appearance of your lips
– When only having fuller lips can balance your face
– Some lip enhancement techniques can also improve the shape of your mouth, uneven lips, and gum-show whenever you smile.
– Another consideration is when your lips are larger than normal and overwhelm your face or appearance. If that is the case you should speak with a plastic surgeon about reduction surgery.
– If your health is good generally, and you maintain a positive attitude along with realistic expectations, you are likely to be an excellent candidate for lip enhancement procedure.

Other Options for Lip Enhancement Besides Lip Fillers/Lip Augmentation

There are many other options (besides injecting lip fillers) available to enlarge or improve both the shape and size of the lips. They include fat injections, dermal grafting, lip implants, vermillion advancement and lip lifting. Implants and grafting, can change the volume of your lips. Vermillion advancement and lip lifts can alter the shape and enhance the size of the colored area around your lips.

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