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How To Get Rid Of Lines Around The Mouth

Aging is a natural and inevitable process. When you reach a certain age, you will see wrinkles appearing in different areas of your face especially in areas like below the eyes, forehead, around the mouth and between eyebrows.

Wrinkles around the mouth which is also known as perioral appear as a result of smoking, aging, over exposure in the sun and genetics. Lines around the mouth can be noticed around the lips, and at the corners of the mouth. Some leave trials starting from the bottom of the nose reaching to the corners of the mouth.

There are many preventive measures of how to get rid of lines around the mouth. One of the most natural Preventive measures is to quit smoking. Healthy diets that contain high sticky vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes and taro root can help increase hyaluronic acid that keeps skin firm and naturally plump.

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Using sunscreen, moisturizers and serum that boosts collagen production and lotions that contain alpha hydroxyl acid helps in softening the lines.

However, if you get lines around the mouth, there is no way to permanently fix it than to consult a doctor and opt for treatment. Non surgical treatments like Botox and fillers are safest and most effective.

Botox treatment is inexpensive and a viable option. Botox paralyses the muscles around the mouth and prevents over expression which is a major factor in causing wrinkles.

Fillers are also considered safe and effectively smoothens the lines around the mouth. Fillers produce immediate results.

If you are worried about the lines around your mouth why not make an appointment with a doctor today and discuss the options available for taking care of the lines?

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