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The Best Wrinkle Filler Depends On You

The best wrinkle filler for a given individual depends on several things. Age, allergic reactions, and the natural coloring of a person’s skin must be taken into account. The area or areas where wrinkles need to be filled in also impact the choice of cosmetic fillers. The depth of wrinkles is also a consideration in the choice of best wrinkle filler.

The vast majority of people who have tried wrinkle filler creams as opposed to injectable wrinkle fillers have reported substantial superiority in results, speed of the wrinkle removal, and durability of the wrinkle removing filler are produced by injectable wrinkle fillers.

The most amazing thing about the best wrinkle filler is instant results. The process used by trained and experienced dermatologists produces the removal of wrinkles as soon as the treatment is done. Very deep wrinkles may take more time as there are more steps to the process.

Another advantage of the best wrinkle fillers as opposed to Botox is that the wrinkle injections for face do not produce muscle stiffness. The cost of the best wrinkle fillers is substantially less than repetitive Botox injections. The best wrinkle filler lasts longer than Botox.

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At present the best wrinkle filler treatments are hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers, synthetic wrinkle fillers, collagen wrinkle fillers, and autologous or fat wrinkle fillers. All four methods have years of clinical and individual trial and success. The best wrinkle filler for deep wrinkle removal is the use of the same dermal fillers followed by laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing uses a special frequency of laser light to smooth the filled area.

The selection of the best wrinkle filler for you must be done in consultation with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. An analysis of the wrinkles that you want to deal with, the location of the wrinkles, and your health history helps the physician determine the best wrinkle filler for you that has the lowest potential for side effects.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen wrinkle fillers have been documented to produce an increase in your body’s natural production of collagen. One of the reasons that you get wrinkles is the lower production of collagen due to age. The stimulation of collagen production has been found to be more active with hyaluronic acid.

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One of the advantages of autologous wrinkle fillers is that it uses your own body’s fat cells as the wrinkle filler. The fat cells are removed from your hips or thighs, treated, and injected into your wrinkle problem areas. The use of your own cells prevents allergic reactions making this one of the safest and best wrinkle filler methods.

The amount of wrinkle filler treatments that you may require depends on the extent of your wrinkles and the filler that you and your physician select. Synthetics last longer. Even the best wrinkle filler requires a touch up but the better methods can last for as long as two years.

There are things that you can do to help the best wrinkle filler work. Using sunscreen or staying out of the sun after the procedure will prevent differences in skin color. Eating a healthy diet also helps speed the healing process. You need to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day before and after you have a treatment.

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