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Applying Fillers Under Eyes Is The Best Way To Treat Eye Bags

Having prominent bulge under the eyes is a very common medical condition. The bulge under the eyes is known as eye bags. Before talking about the treatment, it is better to start with the common causes of eye bags. Even though there are many causes, the commonest ones are just three and they are outlined below
The first one is heredity, a lot of people with these eye bags were born like that and it is because someone in their family already has it. The bad thing about this cause is that it will continue to occur. This implies that more babies will still be born with eye bags in the family.
Another common cause of eye bags is a weak orbital septum. Wondering what that is? It is just the thin membrane that holds the fat under the eye firmly. When the membrane s still strong, the fat will be held deep inside but when it begins to get weaker and weaker, the fat will be pushing itself out. One reason to tackle this fast is that once the membrane is weak, it won’t remain like that. It will either get stronger with treatment or continue to get weaker and the size of the eye bag will continue to increase.
The most common cause of eye bags drastic is a reduction in the fatty tissue in the upper cheeks as a result of ageing. The fatty tissues are all over the face. As you grow older, they break down and begin to deflate. The rate of deflation is slowest below the eyes, so other parts of the face will be flatter leaving the surrounding of the eyes a little bulgy.  Is using fillers under eyes the best solution?

Do Fillers Under Eyes Actually Remove Eye Bags?

Dermal fillers have proved to be the most effective non-surgical method of removing eye bags. These fillers are gels made of hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally found in the body and it has the ability to replace damaged or worn out facial tissues and it can also add to them. The most popular fillers under eyes and injectables for the elimination of eye bags are Restylane and Botox.
However, to get the best result, the filling should be done by a certified plastic surgeon, not just any medical practitioner. This is very important because the procedure is much more than just injecting fillers under eyes. There are important things to consider.
Determination of the quantity to inject is very important. Patients have different skin properties. So, the anatomy of the skin has to be assessed along with the size of the eye bags. If the quantity applied is too much for your skin, it can lead to serious complications.
For a patient whose skin is too delicate to absorb the required quantity of filler, the treatment will be split into two or three sessions. Only a competent plastic surgeon can determine that. The booby trap here lies in the fact that the result is not instantaneous. As the filler under eyes is being applied without results, one may be tempted to believe that the quantity is not enough and more and more will be applied until it becomes clear that something is wrong. By then, serious damage would have been done.

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