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    “I would like to thank you and your staff for your kindness & consideration. Most of all thank you for being a caring doctor. Thank you again.”

    Jill V.

    This letter is long overdue, but being a creature of procrastination I have just not taken the time to write it. It has been almost 3 years since you performed my breast reconstruction. You definitely did change my life in doing such a wonderful job. Thanks again for everything, and if I ever need surgery again, I would want you to do it.

    Evelyn M.

    I didn’t know how to say thank you for all your kindness in arranging my surgery so I decided to send you something you didn’t have and wouldn’t get. The Mall of America is my husband’s newest creation- Hope you can use these for casual moments


    Thank you for the beautiful work that you have done with my little Alex’s scar. You not only did a wonderful job on mending the wound, but you made us feel like you knew the pain we were experiencing and eased our minds tremendously. We look forward to seeing you in June for the follow up.

    Mary L.

    Our Practice

    The field of plastic surgery is rapidly evolving. Non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures account for the largest number of these procedures in the United States. According to statistics there were 15.1 million procedures performed in the United States in 2016. This has been a 3% increase from the previous year. As we age there is better awareness of sun protection and obvious benefits of these minimally invasive procedures because not only of the lower costs, but also minimal recovery time and less risks. At the same time there should be a very noticeable improvement.

    Dr. Sheffield has practiced over thirty years performing traditional cosmetic procedures, however, at this point in his career he focuses on the minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures. This allows him to assist patients with procedures under topical or local anesthesia. During a consultation the patient is fully informed of all available procedures and a recommendation is given. There is a genuine interest here to guide the patent to achieve his or her goals. Whether the procedure is a Botox injection, micro-needling, photo facial treatments or an upper eyelid procedure as examples these procedures allow for a large degree of safety and minimal risk. All procedures can be performed under topical or local anesthesia. What sets this practice apart is the focus on the least invasive procedure(s) which achieve quality results, minimal down time and the avoidance of an operated look.

    SB Aesthetics practice emphasis is facial rejuvenation using non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques focussing on eyelid surgery and mini facelift. One of the aspects of aging that detracts from facial aesthetics as we age is a tired look which is often caused by excessive skin of the upper eyelid and under eye hollows. There is also puffiness of the eyelid which is caused by bulging of the small fat pads of the lower eyelid. Additionally, crow’s feet lines contribute to the aging look.  On occasion the brow position needs to be elevated to acheive the ideal aesthetic result.  This can be done under local anesthesia as well.  Additionally, tagging factors such as jowls and sagging skin of the face can be improved through the mini facelift procedure.  Using a combination of non-surgical approaches and minimally invasive techniques to to the upper and lower eyelid, brow and lower region of the face moves the patient to a more pleasing aesthetic result and a shorter recovery time.

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