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restylane defyne
restylane defyne

Restylane Defyne Santa Barbara – Smile Line Fillers Santa Barbara

More and more people prefer cosmetic solutions that do not have to deal with cosmetic surgery and other highly invasive procedures. Many products are being developed to cater to this need. One of these products, Restylane Defyne, is going to be revolutionary.

What is Restylane Defyne?

This is a hyaluronic acid filter that is used for the correction on smile lines. It is also instrumental in correcting wrinkles more effectively and to produce lasting results. It was approved by the FDA in 2016 and is set to hit the market in 2017.

How Does It Differ From Other Hyaluronic Acid Filters?

Restylane Defyne works more efficiently than other hyaluronic acid fillers. It causes less swelling and lasts longer than other facial fillers. This product has hyaluronic strands that bond in a unique way causing the gel to be smooth. This is beneficial because it integrates well into the area of application. This product from the Restylane family also has lidocaine in its filters. This helps with numbing and thus reduces the pain during application.

If you would like to find out more about Restylane Defyne and how it could help improve your smile lines, or nasolabial folds, to smooth and minimize facial lines, call us at (805) 318-3280 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheffield today!

Where Can Restylane Defyne Be Injected?

This product was approved for correcting deep laugh lines. However, the gel is smooth and suitable for use in other problematic areas of the face such as jaw lines, temples, and cheeks. This is because Restylane Defyne works to provide structure in the areas that have lost a lot of volume over time as you age.

Does Restylane Defyne Look Natural?

If you are afraid of smile line fillers that make your appearance look unnatural, this product will work for you. It integrates well into the placement area. This gives you a more natural look. The doctor attending to you does have to choose the correct injectable for your specific problem and facial structure in order to achieve this natural look.

Can It Be Used Together With Other Injectables?

Restylane Defyne can be used alongside other fillers for smile lines. This is because it acts as a foundation for deeper wrinkle problems. Other products that are suitable for less severe problems such as subtle lines can be used in conjunction with this product from the Restylane family.

Are The Injections Painful?

Restalyne Defyne injections have minimal pain. Very small tubes that are blunt-shaped can be used to administer the injections instead of using needles. These filters have lidocaine which has a numbing upon manufacture. You can also get topical numbing through ice to increase your comfort during the procedure.

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

Yes, you do need to take a day or two off. This is the average time needed if you use this product as smile lines filler. There is minimal or mild swelling in most patients which goes down after the stipulated period. Patients can resume social activities within the same day.
Restalyne Defyne is remarkable for those who are battling with nasolabial folds. The gel integrates well to give a natural look, long-lasting results and a very short recovery period.

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Whether you are thinking about having an aesthetic treatment, a non-surgical procedure or have had prior surgery and are seeking to additional touch-ups, it is critical to work with a skilled plastic surgeon that specializes in facial procedures. Dr. Robert Sheffield is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics offering services to those in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Oxnard and Ventura, CA, and the surrounding communities.  Dr. Sheffield offers patients a customized treatment plan and is available to answer your questions. To schedule a consultation, call 805.318.3280 today.


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