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Merz Aesthetics Xperience Program

Merz Aesthetics introduced their Xperience Program in 2014 which provides additional incentives and bonuses for the most popular Merz treatments for aging such as Belotero, Radiesse and Xeomin.

Merz Aesthetics Xperience Program promotes the benefits of the most frequently used facial age restoring treatments. The program benefits the patient with lower costs.

Registration, Joining, and logging in

Merz Aesthetics Xperience Program can be accessed directly from the main site Xperience Program Sign up.

The individual products sign up for the Xperience Program can be found here:

Xperience Belotero

Xperience Radiesse

Xperience Xeomin

Simply fill in your name, address, phone, and other details. You get a user name and ID so you can visit the site again. You request a Visa card that gives you the price reduction and you must call and activate the card before using it.

Program Benefits

You can receive a Visa card to use for any of the facial treatments that you register for. This is $250 in total. There is a short waiting period for getting a new card. You can get added benefits that apply to treatments by referring other people. You can choose any physician that is registered.

Treatments covered

BELOTERO is a temporary wrinkle remover that uses a hyaluronic acid. This is the most effective wrinkle remover available.

RADIESSE is facial filler that stimulates the natural replacement of collagen that is lost due to age and the lower production of collagen stimulating hormones.

XEOMIN is an injection that is chemically designed to remove frown lines.

All three treatments can be used through the program. The treatments are safe, effective, and FDA approved.

Earning points

The simplest way for the patient to earn points is to reapply for a new card. Referrals of new patients to the program are allowed.

The physician benefits each time a patient uses a card. The more people that use the program produce a reduction in the cost of the treatment chemicals that is progressive and volume based.

Merz Aesthetics Xperience Program FAQ’S

Is it a scam?

No. It is absolutely not a scam. The program has been promoted through Johnson and Johnson and has received approval by the FDA.

Do the treatments work?

Yes. Treatments are based on the latest available research.

Does the Merz Aesthetics Xperience Program work as advertised?

Yes, it does. The patient can save hundreds of dollars on facial treatments and the physician gets a cost reduction as well as an increase in patients.

Join the Xperience Program today!

Use the Merz Aesthetics virtual reward card towards the cost of your treatments with Merz Aesthetics products.  To get signed up for Xperience Program, contact your local provider.  Schedule a consultation today!

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