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Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Santa Barbara -Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

The first place where visible aging signs start emerging is around the eyes. This is due to the delicate and thin skin surrounding the eyes, which has fewer sweat and oil glands that make it highly vulnerable to aging signs. Some of these aging signs include dark circles, droopy eyes, hollow eyes, droopy eyelids and bulging eyes among others. Luckily, with our highly effective non-surgical eyelid lift, also known as non-surgical blepharoplasty, you can easily get rid of all these eye problems and give you a more appealing look.

What is Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift?

The non-surgical blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is a safe, non-invasive and fast procedure that uses facial fillers like Restylane and Belotero to restore a healthy volume, which results in a youthful and refreshed look.  As an alternative to blepharoplasty surgery, this procedure is known a fast “lunchtime” procedure that has no downtime.

This procedure is an eye lift without surgery that is virtually painless with only some minimal redness, which quickly disappears. It is recommended for dealing with common eye-related aging signs like eye bags, sunken eyes and hollow under eyes among others. The main advantage of using this eyelid lift without surgery option instead of undergoing surgery is the fact that it provides more natural and predictable results.

Find your way to a more youthful appearance.  Facial fillers can add volume to the tear trough area, under eye hollows, eye bags, and dark circles which results in a younger look.  If you need help with droopy eyelids or bulging eyes, non-surgical blepharoplasty makes the treatment for you.

Contact blepharoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sheffield,  at SB Aesthetics to discuss a treatment plan to determine if you are a candidate for a non-surgical eyelid lift.

To see if non-surgical eyelid lift is right for you, contact Dr. Sheffield at our Santa Barbara office at (805) 318-3280 to discuss a customized treatment plan.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Most people suffer from the progressive loss of fatty tissues under the eyes with time. This results in dark circles and under eye bags, which causes a person to look years older than their actual age. To help in dealing with these problems, hollow eyes treatment without surgery is done using fillers to provide effective and enduring effects.   It is a highly effective procedure without the costs and complications of undergoing surgery.

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eye?

It is vital to understand what is causing your dark circles and eye bags before any treatment is recommended. That is why trying to only use one surgery or cream when removing hollows under eyes might not work.  Under eye bag removal without surgery is a comprehensive solution that is meant to address dark circles caused by:

  • Hyperpigmentation – Caused by many genetic and environmental factors, hyperpigmentation results in a darker color forming under the patients’ eyes. Treatment may include laser resurfacing or an IPL photo facial. Chemical peels, bleaching creams, and laser further enhance the result.
  • Hollow under eyes – Caused by age or genetic predisposition, some people start developing hollows under eyes, which creates a dark eyeshadow. Treatment to remove the eye shadowing may include using various under eye fillers like Radiesse, Restylane or Juvederm.
  • Fatty bags below the eyes – When fat protrudes under the eyes, it may result in dark circles and shadows.  For eye bag lift without surgery, fillers are usually recommended for smoothing out the skin and effectively addressing getting rid of bags under the eyes.
  • Allergies – People with allergies can also develop dark circles due to sinus pressure and congestion.

How Is A Non-Surgical Lower Eyelid Lift Performed?

Several fillers to get rid of bags under the eyes including Juvederm are all part of the main options used to reduce the presence of eye bags during the eyelid lift without surgery. Botox and Dysport, as injectables, also play a role in improving the aging lower eyelid. The entire procedure is completed in roughly 20 minutes without any extensive recovery period. It is done with an aesthetic cream for a pain-free experience so that patients can easily carry on with their regular activities immediately after the non-invasive blepharoplasty.

The region in which volume loss is present is known as the tear trough region.  It is below the eye and above the cheek next to the nose.  To address the loss of volume in under eye hollows, a tear trough treatment is performed for eye lift without surgery.  Generally, one syringe of tear trough filler is needed to improve the sunken eyes and under eye hollows.  Restylane tear trough filler is one of the more popular tear trough fillers, however, Belotero tear trough filler is quickly becoming the preferred and best filler for tear trough.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

People with bulging eyes, droopy eyes, hollows under eyes and eye bags can benefit greatly from this quick and minimally invasive procedure. During your initial consultation with our expert and skilled practitioners will first evaluate your personal needs and desired results. The tear trough deformity is frequently used to describe volume loss towards the inside of the lower eyelid. This area is frequently treated in lower eyelid rejuvenation. After a full assessment by Dr. Sheffield and a clear explanation of the procedure, the best facial filler will be recommended before the treatment can begin.

What are Some Common Side Effects?

The main side effects associated with this blepharoplasty procedure include mild swelling and bruising, which usually dissipate within a short time. Since the procedure requires high quality injectables and precision to be successful, it is critical that you get this service from an experienced specialist such as Dr. Sheffield.

Pros and Cons of a Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

  • Fast and efficient – The aesthetic procedure can be completed within a short time and allow you to resume your normal duties.
  • Painless – The facial fillers used to perform the eye life without surgery contain lidocaine, a numbing element that makes the injections nearly painless. You can even request a topical numbing cream if you have low pain thresholds.
  • Highly effective and safe – If you are suffering from volume loss that is causing eye bags, dark circles or hollow eyes, non-surgical blepharoplasty offers the most comprehensive and highly effective solutions.
  • Lasting effects – Ultimately, the main reason to consider an eye lift without surgery is the fact that it provides lasting results so that you do not have to keep worrying about your eye problems for several years.
  • Some mild swelling and redness can be experienced after using the injectables. However, these symptoms usually dissipate within a short time.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The hyaluronic products such as Belotero and Restylane used to perform the hollow eyes treatment without surgery offer very smooth results for hollow eyes and dark circles. It enables patients to continually make natural adjustments over time, as their facial needs changes. An extra benefit of using hyaluronic products for removing eye bags is that the results are reversible using an enzyme injection if you ever get anything less than anticipated results.

What is the Cost of the Procedure?

An eye lift without surgery costs significantly less than surgical eye lifts.  Generally, the costs associated with tear trough fillers can be determined by the qualifications of the injector, the geographic region and the amount of dermal filler used.  In Santa Barbara, the average cost of 1 syringe of dermal filler ranges between $800 and $1200.  If you are looking for an affordable solution for your bulging eyes, dark circles or droopy eyes, then you should definitely consider the affordable non-surgical eyelid lift.

Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift for Dark Circles and Bags under the Eyes (Under Eye Filler)

One of the best ways to remove eye bags without surgery is to eliminate under eye bags and dark circles using a mixture of various hyaluronic products and tear trough fillers to help in evening out the area under the eyes and also raise the skin. In effect, the sunken area between the eyelid and cheeks is raised. Treatment also involves correcting the different contours below your eyes to eliminate shadows and dark shadows thereby getting rid of bags under eyes.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty for Bulging Eyes or Prominent Eyes

Using highly effective facial fillers like Restylane and Belotero, Dr. Sheffield can build up your orbital rim to make your eyes look less bulging and less prominent. This treatment also makes your eyes more symmetrical and balanced.

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Whether you are thinking about having an aesthetic treatment, a non-surgical procedure or have had prior surgery and are seeking to additional touch-ups, it is critical to work with a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures. Dr. Robert Sheffield is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics offering aesthetic and cosmetic services to those in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Oxnard and Ventura, CA, and the surrounding communities.  Dr. Sheffield offers patients a customized treatment plan and is available to answer your questions. To schedule a consultation, call 805.318.3280 today.


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