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Cynosure ICON Laser Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara Dermatology – Aesthetic Treatments For Skin Resurfacing, Hair Removal, Wrinkle Reduction, Acne and Surgical Scarring, and Stretch Marks

The Cynosure laser (Palomar Icon™) is beloved by plastic surgeons and dermatologists because of its multitasking abilities. This reduces the number of machines needed within a cramped office setting. A fractional laser (that is similar to the Fraxel’s intensity) is combined with IPL (intense pulsed light) technology.
There are numerous handheld attachments that allow surgeons and dermatologists to perform various treatments. Hair removal, wrinkle reduction, scar improvement, fractional skin resurfacing, acne improvement, pigmentation treatments, vascular treatments, and photo rejuvenation can be performed here. The machine has a plethora of different capabilities, can provide various levels of treatment and meet all of the patient’s needs, from a comfort and downtime standpoint.
To ensure the best possible results, a built-in Skintel Melanin Reader has been added to the Palomar Icon™. This reader detects the melanin density of the patient and accurately diagnoses their skin tone, ensuring that the appropriate laser levels are applied. An advanced cooling system has also been built in for comfort and protection.



With just one treatment, the Cynosure laser reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.  Non-ablative fractional laser technology deeply penetrates the skin and stimulates new skin regeneration.
Recovery times are short, thanks to this treatment method. The side effects associated with invasive surgery are avoided and the recovery process is completed within four days. Palomar Icon™ treatments are preferred by patients who are looking to avoid unnatural facial changes. This non-invasive treatment option will quickly transform you into the younger version of yourself.


Permanent and effective hair reduction treatments are provided with the Cynosure laser multiplatform system. With just a few simple treatments, hair growth is minimized for good.
Shaving only lasts a few days. Waxing must be done every few weeks. Electrolysis is tedious. Permanent hair reduction offers a lasting solution removes everyday hassles and keeps us from having to deal with unwanted facial/body hair.
With the Cynosure laser’s light-based technologies at your disposal, the hair cells that are responsible for growth are targeted and destroyed.
The surrounding skin is left unharmed. The approach is simple, quick and each treatment is completed within minutes. TGA approval has been given and the treatment works on a wide range of skin types.


Many women struggle with this issue. When skin stretches considerably over short periods of time, such as pregnancy, the skin surface is noticeably altered. Thanks to the Icon™ system, stretch marks are now able to be improved.
Fractional laser technology delivers pulsed energy to a patient’s skin. Stretch mark discoloration is targeted and new collagen production is stimulated to improve smoothness.
Three to five treatments are required in order to restore the consistency and smoothness of the skin. The procedure is quick and each treatment is performed within a half hour. Patients do not have to worry about any significant downtime.


Thanks to this fractional laser system, patients now have a quick, simple and effective option for treating their scars. Fractional laser technology leaders are responsible for developing this form of scar treatment. Minimal downtime is needed and any skin type can be assisted.
Fractional laser light is used during this procedure. Scar tissue is broken down and new tissue production is triggered. This is a suitable alternative to more invasive surgeries that are used to eliminate surgical scarring and acne scars. The results are remarkable and any skin type can benefit.


Cynosure laser treatments improve the look and feel of your skin, without any surgeries or significant downtime.
Resurfacing the skin with Icon™ also improves the appearance of multiple blemishes and skin flaws:
• Aging spots
• Skin texture and tone
• Sun-related damages
• Wrinkles
• Stretch marks
• Acne scarring
• Surgical scarring
Excellent skin resurfacing results are achieved with Icon™’s fractional laser technology. Laser energy microbeams are used to create affected tissue areas that will extend throughout the epidermis and into the patient’s dermis. The natural healing process will then create healthy, new, tissue as a replacement for the affected tissue areas. The skin looks younger and healthier as a result.
All skin types benefit from the Icon™, including those with very very dark skin and those with very light skin. Flexible treatment is offered for numerous conditions. The majority of sessions do not last more than one hour. Multiple skin complaints can be treated at once or successive treatments can be used.


Dramatic skin rejuvenation has been made possible, thanks to the fractional laser system ICON has to offer. Optimized Light™ photorejuvenation technology is used. Pulses that contain optimized, intense light are delivered to regions of the body where unwanted pigmentation is taking place and facial vessels need to be repaired.
The appearance of age spots, sun spots, capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea are all reduced.
Treatment time is often as short as 30 minutes, depending on the treatment being received. Top notch results can be achieved within one treatment (or even two), but several treatments could be required for best results.


These treatments are unique and they can be customized by your Santa Barbara dermatologist.  They can also be adjusted, according to the desired results and the patient’s skin tone. When it comes to this particular treatment, a patient should consult with a certified and trusted plastic surgeon or dermatologist. This gives a patient the chance to determine whether they are the best candidate for the specific treatment they seek.
With the fractional laser function, people who wish to smooth out their rough scars and wrinkles, fade pigmentation issues, and improve the texture and tone of the skin now have an ideal treatment. The IPL function offers photo rejuvenation treatments that are perfect for patients with pale, olive or medium toned complexions. This function refines skin texture and reduces the discoloration that takes place due to aging, sun damage, acne, rosacea, capillaries or blood vessel damage. Darker skin types cannot utilize IPL since melanin is one of the primary targets.
Pregnant women and patients who have been taking Accutane over the past 6 months are not typically able to use the Palomar Icon™.  Patients who have a history of herpes simplex or cold sores or should not receive this procedure until these conditions have already been treated. Some medications, such as blood thinners, have been known to increase a patient’s risk of side effects. Be sure to speak with a trusted physician about your medical history.


The discomfort level of these treatments will depend on the patient’s threshold for pain and the treatment being administered. A topical anesthetic is usually applied to the area 10 to 30 minutes before treatment takes place. Additional pain management isn’t necessary because the cooling system provides additional comfort. You and your physician will be both asked to wear protective eye wear.
A handheld device with a smooth glass surface is used by the doctor. The device pulses light or laser energy onto the skin. The pulses cause burning and snapping sensations that are often compared to a quick match burn or a rubber band popping against the skin. After each of the snaps, the physician lifts the laser upwards. It is then placed onto the area that is adjacent to the area that was just zapped. The physician is careful to avoid any unwanted overlap. This method is known as “stamping,” as opposed to using the Fraxel method of rolling lasers over an area. When treatments are finished, cold compresses can be applied to the area for several minutes, so that discomfort is alleviated. Sunscreen and moisturizer application serves as the final step.


15 to 30 minutes.


The skin is going to feel red, warm and slightly swollen after the treatment. Most patients compare the sensation to a bad sunburn. These side effects are usually resolved naturally within 24 to 72 hours at most. Mild bruising (purpura) may also take place, in addition to scabbing, crusting, mild blistering and darkened patches. Mild blistering only takes place in the rarest of cases. The reactions subside within 7 to 14 days after the treatment.


Palomar Icon™ treatment results will be contingent upon the treatments that a patient chooses to have administered. In most cases, patients notice results within 2 to 3 weeks of their initial treatment. The skin tends to look and feel smoother. The patient will also notice a more even complexion. After 3 or more treatments have taken place, further, improvement becomes noticeable. The skin’s texture and the tone become more desirable, thanks to a visible decrease of dark spots, redness, pores and fine lines. Age spots and freckles could take on a darker appearance for at least seven days before a gradual fade.


Best results are achieved when patients space a series of 3 to 5 sessions three to four weeks apart. Biannual touch up treatments allows patients to maintain their results.


An actively board certified plastic surgeon or Santa Barbara dermatologist is the only choice that should be made. The dermatologist that is chosen should have a certification from the American Board of Dermatology (ABD). As for plastic surgeons, an American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certification is necessary. Both boards are part of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) organization. Physician certifications must always be provided by this board.

Cynosure Laser – FAQs

What pigment types are treated?
Age spots and sun damages and freckles on the neck, hands, chest, arms, face, legs and feet.
What vessel types are treated?
Icon™ treats the patient’s spider veins and any broken vessels in the neck, face or other parts of the body.
Am I a skin revitalization candidate?
Icon™ treatment can be used safely on the majority of skin types. When your consultation takes place, we are able to determine if you are a proper candidate for the procedure. A variety of factors go into the decision.
What results can I expect?
A decrease in the appearance of sun damage, brown spots, and damaged vessels. The skin tone becomes more even and improvements continue to show themselves over the course of your recovery process.
How long will treatments take?
Sessions can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the condition being treated and the size of the area.
What do treatments feel like?
Most patients compare the treatment to the slight “snap” of a rubber band. The skin experiences increased warmth but patients also feel a cooling sensation once the handpiece is gliding over the area that is being treated.
How many treatments are needed?
One to three treatment sessions are recommended, depending on the results the patient wishes to achieve.
How far apart should sessions be scheduled?
These sessions should be scheduled three to four weeks apart.
How much will treatments cost?
The costs of treatment are going to vary, depending on the area that the patient is having treated.
How does it work?
Optimized light pulses that are specialized are utilized as a means of targeting sun damage, vessels and brown spots, without causing harm to the surrounding skin. The imperfections absorb energy as it is delivered to a patient’s skin and they will slowly disappear as the body naturally heals.
How fast is the recovery time?
Regular daily activities are resumed as soon as the treatment concludes.
What about the side effects?
A mild sensation that is similar to sunburn is felt around the site of treatment. This sensation usually lasts from two to 24 hours. Swelling and redness may accompany the sensation. These side effects resolve within 2-3 days. Any other possible side effects are discussed during the consultation, as well as post-treatment care.

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