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The 2016 stats for aesthetic plastic surgery are in, and there a boom in butt lifts and lifts in non-surgical treatments, but there is a constant winner that we should not dismiss: the eyelid lift surgery! This past year, it hit #4 together with almost 174,000 procedures done.

Does eyelid lift surgery consistently top the charts regarding both procedures performed and individual satisfaction (did we say that eyelid operation has a 94% Worth It score on RealSelf)? Let us look at some reasons that this traditional surgery remains a top choice:

Eyelid lift surgery is the only procedure to efficiently address bloated or drooping eyelids.

The prevalence of eyelid operation has remained steadily high throughout the past couple of decades mainly because there is not another process that may effectively eliminate excess, sagging skin in the upper lids. Blepharoplasty remains the best method to fix a plethora of issues brought on by drooping eyelids, like a persistently drowsy look or obstructed area of vision.

Similarly, lower eyelid surgery is the only method to sculpt away the surplus, subcutaneous fat to decrease puffiness in the lower lids, an often-bothersome hereditary trait.

“I just feel so young again …it really has given me a refreshed look. My eyes no longer look tired.”

~ SB Aesthetics Patient ~

You can make stunning updates to your look with subtle changes

Your eyes are often the first thing people see about you personally, and their look communicates your emotions as ardently as the words you speak. If sagging cells are causing your eyes to seem tired or haggard, simply lifting the top eye with some millimeters, or reducing puffiness and extra skin of the lower eyelid may offer a more youthful, brighter appearance to the full face.

“Being a man I was not convinced of this entire ‘cosmetic’ surgery thing, but in 47 years old that I was not getting any younger-looking. I had bags under my eyes because of heredity that made me seem much older, so I made an appointment with Dr. Sheffield who was able to see me within a week…My results are excellent and certainly surpassed my expectations”

~ SB Aesthetics Patient ~

Surgery requires less than one hour and blepharoplasty restoration is amazingly manageable.

An experienced plastic surgeon is only going to remove a very small quantity of fat and skin throughout the operation (check out our eyelid surgery guide for information on how the process is done ). Therefore, eyelid operation is normally very simple on the individual from a relaxation and healing perspective.

Though your eyes will tire easily for a week or 2 weeks following blepharoplasty, you’ll have the ability to see instantly after the operation –your eyes aren’t bandaged shut. Most patients return to work within the first week, possibly with camouflage makeup to help hide any residual swelling –incisions are made in the eyelid crease or within the lid, so they are practically undetectable when your eyes are still open, even only days following the operation. While outcomes adapt subtlety in as soon as 8 weeks, many eyelid lift surgery patients are photo-ready over 3 to 4 weeks.

An eyelid lift may be the ideal complement to your facelift, brow lift or other procedure –without further downtime.

While many patients are happy with an eyelid lift independently, it is often performed in conjunction with a facelift or brow lift surgery to reach a smooth forehead-to-chin rejuvenation. In reality, getting eyelid operation in precisely the exact same time as such other facial surgeries may enhance your long-term outcome, as the plastic surgeon may “reset the aging clock” to the same “period” throughout your face, in order for your lips, eyes, and jawline continue to endure at a similar rate. Alternately, dermal fillers can improve eyelid operation results without further operation by plumping the lips or smoothing lines and creases through the face.

Will an eyelid lift surgery help me look younger?

Given all these advantages of eyelid operation, it can look like anyone wanting to appear younger may utilize an eyelid lift. However, as with any process, the best results are observed by individuals that fulfill specific standards.  This procedure may be right for you if:

  • You are unhappy with a weary, angry or old look of your eyes Brought on by excess, sagging skin or fat around the upper or lower eyelids
  • Or, you’ve got difficulty completely opening your eyes because of excess, sagging skin
  • And, you’re otherwise in good health

If lines such as crow’s feet, frown lines, or heavy brow furrows would be your main concern, eyelid operation likely will not help as much. All these “expression lines” are brought on by repetitive facial movements, not excessive skin. BOTOX or Dysport injections would be the best bet to take care of these symptoms of aging.

Prepared to rejuvenate your own eyes?

Wondering if an eyelid liftsurgery may enable you to get the refreshed appearance you desire? To find out contact Dr. Sheffield, a board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss your questions and find out about all of your choices with a customized treatment plan –and that is precisely what you will receive through a cosmetic consultation at SB Aesthetics.  Call us at 805.318.3280 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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