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General Information On Botox Lips Procedure

Although not approved by the FDA for improving the shape and look of the lips, Botox lips have been shown to be a less evasive procedure for lip plumping. In an effort to make the lips sexy and sensual, many women look to Botox lip injections as an effective solution due to the fact that it presents just little side effects. But how effective are Botox injections for lips? Is the procedure safe?
Below is a Q and A session regarding Botox lips to intimate those interested in the procedure on what (Botox lips) it is all about.

What is Botox?

Botox, is a purified protein that is derived from bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, and has been used successfully for well over a decade to treat people with uncontrolled muscle spasms in the eyelids (like tics) and many other medical conditions. It is injected into the affected facial muscle (or in this case the lip). Botox blocks all impulses from the nerves connecting the muscle, thus making the muscles to relax instead of contract.
The overlying skin will become smoother with less wrinkles and fewer lines. The effects of the treatment become visible immediately, which makes Botox a quick fix for wrinkle treatment or other visible signs of aging.

Does Administering Botox Injections into the Lips Make them Plumper?

Botox injection into the lips cannot be compared to the creams, gels and fillers that are primarily used to perfect lip plumping. However, it is an excellent solution for anyone seeking wrinkle or line removal near to the lip, which in turn will plump the lips thus making them appear fuller.
Botox injections do not cause any serious side effects like redness, rash, and swelling which are associated with the regular lip injections. People who receive Botox lips can carry out their daily activities (swiftly) following the procedure.

How is Botox Used in Lip Plumping?

Botox is injected directly into the lips with a fine needle. This process is repeated until the (desired or) best possible results are achieved. You may think the process is painful, but it isn’t. Many who have undergone it say it does not hurt. The injection is quite painless, and the procedure is relatively quicker than conventional lip plumping procedures. The procedure can be completed within just 5 to 30 minutes.

What is the Best Way to Plan your Lip Plumping Procedure?

It is recommended that you arrange for a consultation with your dermatologist (or plastic surgeon specializing in Botox injections) before undergoing the procedure. During the consultation, a full medical evaluation will be performed before any medical procedure can be initiated. Note that patients who are ready for the injections must avoid consuming Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications a few days (particularly two to three days) to the procedure so as to minimize the bruising effects.

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