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10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Lip Injections
Dec 7, 2019 – Aug 3, 2020
Lip enhancement is a non-surgical procedure which uses lip injections with dermal fillers used to improve the appearance of the lips by changing the shape, structure and volume to provide fuller, plump lips. The most common lip filler is a hyaluronic acid filler which typically last 6 months or more. You can schedule a lip injection consultation today. Before getting lip injections, be sure to ask your injector the following questions:

1. Which lip filler should I get?
2. Are fillers reversible once injected?
3. Are there any potential risks to injecting fillers?
4. What is the price of lip injections?
5. How long do the lip fillers last?
6. Is any anesthesia or a nerve block used?
7. How painful are the injections?
8. How soon will results be observed?
9. What is the recovery process like?
10. Are lip fillers permanent or temporary?

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