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What is laser liposuction?

Body contouring using a laser is a painless and quick process. It’s great for getting rid of pesky localized fat. This method, like traditional liposuction, eliminates fat cells from the body for good. The recovery time and difficulty after laser lipolysis are both significantly lower. There is less potential for sagging skin after surgery.

In contrast to traditional liposuction, which is a major surgical treatment requiring general anesthetic, laser lipolysis can be performed under local (the patient is put into a sleep during the procedure). Surgery liposuction is the insertion of devices into a fat layer, followed by the use of a tube to liquefy the fat and remove it. The process of getting better might go on for weeks or even months.

What is the procedure for laser lipolysis?

In-office laser liposuction is an option. It only takes half an hour, and you’ll be good to go in no time. No anesthetic is required.

Your doctor will use paddle-shaped applicators to attach the lasers to the treatment area. The paddles radiate heat, which travels deep into the body to warm the fat cells there. Heat causes fat cells to begin dying because their membranes are damaged. The decomposing tissue is subsequently absorbed by the body.

However, the ultimate outcomes of the procedure won’t be visible for roughly six weeks. As a result, the treated area should appear more sculpted. It may take more than one session to see improvements in some patients.

The recouping process is simple. Some discomfort or redness at the treatment site is to be expected, but in most cases, patients can return to their regular activities the very next day.

Laser lipo is recommended by cosmetic surgeons for targeted fat reduction in the following areas:

  • Belly
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Upper and lower inner and outer thighs


Is lipo laser painful?

The laser lipo procedure should be completely painless. You’ll get a shot of local anesthetic before the procedure, and that’ll help you relax and feel nothing while it’s happening. Time spent in treatment will vary based on factors such as the amount of areas to be targeted and the specific type of laser lipo being used.


What are the benefits of lipo laser?

Small amounts of fat are eliminated. This treatment is similar to surgical liposuction in that fat cells are eliminated from the body for good. However, recovery time and difficulty are both reduced by laser lipolysis. Moreover, there is less likelihood of experiencing sagging skin after the procedure.


Does laser lipolysis really work?

In most cases, laser lipo produces long-lasting, visibly improved body contours with minimal discomfort and downtime compared to traditional liposuction. Depending on the patient and the treated area, the process may also require many sessions spread out over a period of weeks.


What is difference between liposuction and laser?

Laser liposuction is ideal for light to moderate fat removal in addition to skin tightening, whereas traditional, surgical liposuction is preferable for removing bigger amounts of fat.




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