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How to smooth out stomach after liposuction?

Despite your best efforts, you may still end up with some lumps and bumps after liposuction. Wearing compression clothes will help the skin stretch and reshape to fit the new contour more easily. In addition, the reduced effects of:

  • Painfulness
  • Some Swelling
  • Build Up of Fluid
  • Some Lumping

For the first two to three weeks following liposuction, the patient must sleep and wake in a compression garment. Then, for at least another two weeks, you should keep wearing it while you sleep. Compression aids in the reduction of post-operative edema and the absorption of any fluid that may have accumulated as a result of the treatment. Since the garment presses against the skin, it helps to drain the body of excess fluid, which helps eliminate lumps. Drs. Miller and Steinbrech work closely with patients to make sure tumors are disappearing at a healthy rate and aren’t creating any undue stress.


Why is my stomach not smooth after lipo?

As fluid accumulates, swelling occurs, and the affected area may also feel abnormally lumpy or bumpy. In addition, tiny hematomas can form when blood collects under the skin. Again, this can lead to bumpy patches that eventually disappear.


How do I make my skin smooth after lipo?

  • Pick a Plastic Surgeon with Lots of Experience.
  • Get yourself a compression garment.
  • Keep your weight where it should be for your health.


How do I get rid of ripples on my stomach after liposuction?

To avoid the formation of lumps, ripples, scarring, and fibrotic adhesions after liposuction, it is recommended that you receive a lymphatic drainage massage at least twice weekly for the subsequent six weeks. Massage therapy should be performed three times weekly if you have developed lumps, ripples, scarring, or fibrotic adhesions.


Why is my stomach uneven after lipo?

The great majority of patients who get liposuction may have lumps and uneven spots on their bodies shortly after the procedure is completed. These anomalies are absolutely normal and should go away within a few weeks at the very most, but depending on the conditions, it could take as long as a few months for them to go completely.




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