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Which Is The Best Lip Filler For Volume?

Generally, HA fillers are going to be the best type of filler for lip volume. HA fillers are reversible in case to much is used the volume is too much. The most popular options are Restylane and Juvederm and each differs in many ways especially particle size. Here are our votes for Best Lip Fillers in Santa Barbara:

• Juvederm Ultra XC: This is the gold standard of lip fillers and is our preferred filler for lip injections in the office.

• Volbella: This filler is made by Allergan is relatively new. It is another Juvederm product that is great for smoothing out the lips and adding some volume.

• Restylane Silk: Restylane is a solid HA filler and often used in place of Juvederm, but it has the slight drawback of not lasting as long.

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