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What Exactly is Botox Santa Barbara?

Botox injections are a simple, non-invasive procedure designed to smooth out the fine lines and deep wrinkles in various places of the face. Such areas include crows feet, frown lines and more. A short visit of about 15-20 minutes with some Botox relaxes the underlying muscles of the specific area which causes the line or wrinkle to smooth or lessen typically for about a 4-6 month time period depending on the patient.

The results are quite dramatic and can often be realized very quickly. This procedure is a fast and simple alternative to surgery, it is also a non-surgical approach with very little if any down time or recovery. Side effects to occur, however, please consult you plastic surgeon in this case. Patient’s can resume their normal activities almost immediately.

Consider Botox injections in Santa Barbara if you are interested in changing your physical appearance and restoring some of your youthfulness. Call us at (805) 318-3280 or visit us on the web to schedule a consultation. Contact the best medical spa Santa Barbara has to offer.

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