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What are Face and Neck Lifts?

A lift of the face and/or the neck is a combined procedure designed to bring back a younger looking appearance to the patient’s face and/or neck regions. Any extra skin on the face and neck is excised surgically, then all the muscles in the facial area are get tightened up to produce the lift.

This kind of surgical adjustment eliminates deep lines, as well as facial folds, and it additionally gets rid of lower jowls in the jaw area, and tightens up any skin that is sagging in the neck region. Getting surgery for lifting the neck and face is able to bring back a younger and more rested appearance, thus making it so the recipients appear to be a lot younger than their true ages.

Who’s the best Candidate to get Neck and Face Lifts?

In order to be a top candidate to undergo neck and face lifts, the candidate must have good general health, as well as physically be capable of going through this major surgical process. Patients who think their facial area does not indicate the youthful way they still feel they are on the inside, are usually the type of patients who are great surgical candidates for a face and neck lift procedure. Those undergoing face and neck lifts also ought to not be a smoker, or they must stop smoking several weeks prior to getting the procedure done.

Face and Neck Lift Advantages

Getting neck and facial lift surgeries allows someone look a lot younger. A lot of patients get a huge rise in their self-esteems, as well as have a lot more self-confidence in both social and work environments. Those who have had neck and face lift procedures additionally tend to appear more genuinely refreshed and rejuvenated instead of always looking tired.

Getting the neck and face lifts done together will help to ensure the recipient has a unified appearance. Getting them done together additionally means they only have to go under anesthesia and have surgery once, instead of twice, thus there is less costs as well as less risks.

Price range to get Face and Neck Lifts

Surgery to undergo a neck and face lift normally can range between four to fourteen thousand dollars.

Neck and Face Lift Methods

Each neck and face lift surgery gets personally customized for each recipient dependent on each person’s needs. Typically, the incisions are done around or in the area of the person’s hairline near their temples. Then, additional facial incisions go in the back of and around the ear, and the incisions for the neck lift are normally limited to merely working under the person’s chin.

The recipient’s skin is separated carefully from their muscles as well as the structural tissues beneath the skin. Their structural tissues are shifted upwards, creating a younger looking appearance. Then, those tissues get held in place via permanent stiches. If there’s any more skin hanging down, it gets excised surgically and then relocated over the person’s face.

Getting ready to have a Neck and Face Lift

Around two weeks prior to getting the neck and face lift done, the person will have an appointment with their SB Aesthetics team to go over the process, sign necessary consent paperwork, obtaining any needed prescriptions, as well as learning all the precise preparation guidelines. Patients might have to quit taking some of their prescriptions prior to getting the neck and face lift done.

For instance, anti-inflammatory medicines, as well as aspirin, and most herbal supplements are known blood thinners and could make the patient bleed too much during the surgical procedure. Therefore, they must stop taking them a long time prior to the date of surgery. The surgical team will give patients precise directions on how to get ready for the anesthesia. Normally, this involves no drinking or eating or drinking beginning the night before the procedure up until the time of the surgical procedure.

The Procedures for Neck and Face Lifts

Patients are typically put under a local anesthesia where they will still be awake, yet will not feel any pain when they get neck and face surgical lifts. This procedure takes a fair amount of time, normally it could take two to five hours to complete. Neck and face lift patients are able to go home on the day of surgery, however, someone must be a driver for them as they are not allowed to drive home after surgery themselves.

Recovery from Neck and Face Lift

Patients can anticipate being able to resume easy activities about three to ten days after getting a neck and face lift, as well as go back to work about two to four weeks after the surgery. The majority of patients feel they’ve achieved “social acceptability” about ten to fourteen days after having this surgery. After getting the stitches removed, the patients are allowed to use makeup so they can hide scars, redness or bruising, if they desire.

Recovery Process

• Expect minimal to moderate amounts of pain. Normally you can control this discomfort via both prescription and over the counter pain medicines.
• Expect a little facial swelling. You’ll be given precise directions in regard to any facial compression bandages you may have on.
• Expect some swelling, which is the worse around seventy-two hours after undergoing the surgery. You can use cold compresses that initial 72 hours, along with warm compresses over the next one and a half weeks.
• The clinic will remove any staples or sutures about five to ten days after surgery.
• You can go back to your job, if it’s a desk job, about one and a half to two weeks later, and talk to your doctor about non-desk job timelines. It all is dependent on how you feel.
• You’re allowed to drive one to two weeks after the surgery.
• You can go back to doing regular physical activity about two to four weeks after the surgery.

What kind of Results Should You Expect

The majority of patients are very pleased that they look much younger after they get a neck and face lift procedure. However, it does take a fair amount of time to complete the full healing process. If can also take a few months in order to notice the full effect of having a face and neck lift, because a small bit of swelling could last for that timeframe. If you have a realistic expectation of how your neck and face lift will look, there’s not any reason you shouldn’t be quite pleased with the final results.

Potential Risks when getting a Neck and Face Lift

• Potential complications linked to neck and face lifts could involve, but aren’t limited to, these factors:
• Nerves which have control over the muscles of the face may get damaged. That is normally a short-term post-operative situation, however, rarely this could end up being permanent.
• As happens with any kind of surgical procedure, there’s a risk of getting an infection as well as having some sort of reaction to the anesthetic.
• Some people develop a hematoma, which is blood which collects under the patient’s skin. These can normally be taken out by your surgeon.
• Smokers, particularly, could have a slower healing process after undergoing a neck or face lift than other patients.


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