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What Are Some Common Medical Spa Treatments?
Jan 26 – Jul 27
There are numerous medical spa treatments, but some of the common ones are Dermabrasion, Dermal Fillers, and Coolsculpting.

This treatment involves the resurfacing of the skin to improve the look of the skin. It is often recommended to remove scars from skins. The scar could be caused by an accident, injury, or previous surgery. It is also used for the removal of precancerous growths.

Dermal Fillers
They help to reduce wrinkles and other facial lines. Also, they restore fullness and volume in the face, thereby making the people look younger and better. A very popular substance used as dermal filler is Botox.

This treatment involves the freezing and destruction of excess fat in the body. The particular area is cooled so that the fat cells will crystallize and die off. This technique is meant to get rid of arm fat, stomach rolls, and love handles.

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