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How many sessions for laser hair removal?

Instead of removing hair, laser hair removal stops hair follicles from generating hair. At our clinic, we use the Cynosure laser hair removal method. It’s a cutting-edge laser that uses two different colors of light to remove hair quickly, painlessly, and effectively. Hair follicles are targeted and destroyed by the laser’s absorbed energy, while the skin itself is spared any harm. The Cynosure’s innovative cooling technology will make your treatment sessions more bearable.

A local anesthetic or cooling device is first administered to the region to be treated. After that, a handheld device is used to shift the laser energy around so that it is distributed evenly across the treatment locations. An innovative cooling system is included into our cutting-edge Cynosure laser equipment to ensure your comfort throughout treatments. Although everyone has a different threshold for pain, most people who have undergone laser treatment compare it to the snap of a rubber band on their skin. The vast majority of patients have excellent treatment tolerance.

There will be a need for multiple treatments, the exact number of which will vary depending on the area(s) being worked on. After 3–5 treatments, most patients will show improvement. Laser hair removal appointments are typically spaced out every month or two, and many of our clients choose to combine it with other skin care procedures, such as intense pulsed light (IPL), to get the most out of each visit.


Is 12 sessions of laser hair removal enough?

It is recommended that you undergo between 6 and 12 treatments, but this number is flexible.


Is 6 sessions of laser hair removal enough?

The average number of laser therapy sessions recommended by the Mayo Clinic is four to six. These must also be separated by a minimum of six weeks, increasing the total treatment time to as much as nine months. You may find that you have fewer hairs after each session.


How many laser hair removal sessions do I need?

A preview of what awaits you. On average, two to six laser hair removal sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results. The time between sessions varies from one facility to the next. Treatment may need to be repeated every four to eight weeks for places with rapid hair growth, such as the upper lip.


Does laser hair removal work forever?

When does hair stop growing back after laser treatment? Since the hair follicle is destroyed during laser hair removal, the results are long-lasting. Hair will come back even if the follicle is injured. Individual hair growth cycles determine how long it takes for hair to grow back.


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