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GMB Post – Is Laser Hair Removal Really Permanent?
Oct 25, 2019 – Apr 24, 2020

Actually, the answer is no. This process works by targeting the hair follicle with heat which results in hairs from no longer growing. The follicles remain dormant for certain amount of time which equates to much longer than Waxing or shaving. But, when the hair does grow back, it will be significantly finer, lighter in color and much fewer in number. Although is does not remove all of the hair completely and permanently, after the desired number of treatments, more and more hair is removed, thinned, lightened and you will have the desired outcome which is soft beautiful smooth skin without the unsightly hair you previously had. Contact SB Aesthetics today to schedule laser hair removal treatments.

Best results are with fair skin and dark hair in the following areas:

• The chest
• back area
• the shoulders
• the neck
• the bikini line
• the face area, but not near the eyes

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