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How To Get Rid Of Smile Lines

Smile lines are a sign of joyful facial expressions. However as we age, these lines deepen, thus making you look much older than you actually are. No individual can escape the signs of aging completely, but there are some things that can be done to prevent the premature effects of aging. There is a broad range of treatment (non surgical and surgical) options available for riding your face of smile lines. How to get rid of smile lines?  Here we will focus mainly on non surgical procedures such as use of botox injections and dermal fillers to clear smile lines.
Discussed below are several non surgical procedures to treat this condition.

Non Surgical Procedures for Smile Lines and Wrinkles

By non surgical procedures here we mean use of fillers and botox. The amount of injections or kind of fillers to be used will be decided by the medical practitioner after he or she has accessed the patient to determine the kind of smile lines and the location of the line. Fillers have become more specialized with some products best suited to treat specific areas.  If these treatments don’t work then how to get rid of smile lines?
One of the most ideal form of injectable fillers for treating smile lines involves the use of neuromodulators, or botulinum toxins. Botulinum toxins, (botox, xeomin and dysport) can reduce the signs of laugh lines thus rejuvenating the face.
A combination of Restylane and Juvederm can also be used. Both substances can also be used separately to treat the condition. Juvederm is a thicker substance and when injected deeper, gives the area more volume. Restylane on the other hand is thinner and when injected is more superficial when compared to Juvederm. These solutions are usually applied by means of injection along the crease that extend from the nose to both sides of the mouth. They are meant to fill the creases. The effects of this procedure can last for at least six months and a full year in some cases.
The main benefit of using these fillers is that a patient can see the difference immediately after the procedure. And they are reversible. If you do not like your appearance after the procedure, your doctor can counteract the effects by injecting hyaluronidase in the affected areas.
Whichever way these substances are to be used to rid your face of smile lines the specialist will decide after a full exam.  If you do not want to use fillers, then how to get rid of smile lines?
Botox is not just good at smoothing crow’s feet, it is also great for the smile lines around your eyes, while injectable fillers on the other hand are great for smile lines around your mouth. It is important to note that a professional plastic surgeon or dermatologist must be the one to administer botox and/or fillers. It is only a professional that can tell you how to get the best results

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