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How Long Does It Take For Botox To Work?

There are many people that believe that Botox is going to be something that will affect them immediately and to a certain degree that is true, but it is not what a person should expect. Botox treatments should never be evaluated the very first day, especially right after the treatment.  How long does it take for Botox to work is a common question, but generally it does work immediately with the final results seen shortly thereafter.  If you need treatment for crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines or any other fine lines or wrinkles, Botox may be right for you.


Botox will begin to show a pronounced improvement within the first week. Generally speaking, the how long does it take for Botox to work question can be answered fairly easily.  In the 3 to 4 day range is when the final look starts to creep in. It is nowhere near what the end result will be, but it is enough of a preview for most patients to get pretty excited. Depending on the reason for the treatment, those days in the middle of the first week will be very exciting. If someone has started Botox simply because a few lines have appeared, there may be no reason to look any further as those lines may have disappeared.


For those that have waited a long time for their first Botox and have some very pronounced lines that they are trying to get rid of, the first week will start to show a very big difference. The rule of thumb, however, is that the sooner Botox is used before these deep pronounced lines have formed, the sooner they can be prevented from occurring, and thus the better results from using Botox.  A similar parallel can be seen as is between staying out of the sun and having less sun damage.  However, for the average patient, it takes a good three weeks to see the final results. By the end of the first month, the results are at the height of what should be expected. Most patients feel very good about the results in the first two week and stop the everyday check of the results, still looking closely every few days. At the thirty day range, most people have become accustomed to their new self and will only take that close inspection on occasion and still be very impressed.  How often Botox is to be used and how long it lasts are questions that can be answered by your Santa Barbara plastic surgeon.


Interested to know more about Botox injections in Santa Barbara? Wondering if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure? Schedule your plastic surgery consultation today!  Call Dr. Sheffield at our Santa Barbara office (805) 318-3280.

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