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What You Need to Know about Eye Bags Treatment

For young people, eye bags are just a temporary condition that will go away after a good night’s sleep. However, it becomes a chronic condition through the years. While the condition is known as a cosmetic problem, there are instances in which eye bags can cause vision obstruction and other functional problems. And that’s why eye bags treatment is required.

Types of Eye Bags

There are two types of eye bags. These are:

  • Lower Eyelid Bags – Its causes include the swelling of the lower eyelid fat, cheek descent, and facial volume loss. It is the most common type of eye bags.
  • Upper Eyelid Bags – It is caused by the skin laxity and excess tissues around the upper eyelid.

There are different types of eye bags treatment and remedies to reduce to get rid of the condition. The right treatment depends on the type of the eye bags, as well as its causes.



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Eye bags are temporary, due to the effects of aging and can also obstruct vision. Injectable fillers, fat injections and surgery are techniques for the treatment of eye bags.

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Causes of Eye Bags

As you age, the muscles and other tissue structures supporting the eyelids become weak. The skin might start to sag, and the fat around the eye will move into the area under the eyes. The area under the eyes can also collect fluids, which will make the area look swollen or puffy. There are several factors that can result to eye bags that include:

  • Retention of fluid due to the change in the weather, eating salty foods, or hormone levels.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dermatitis or allergies, which comes with itchiness and redness
  • Heredity
  • Smoking
  • Stress

Eye Bags Treatments

A doctor can recommend getting enough sleep each night or changing your sleeping position. The doctor will also evaluate your medications, general health, and allergies to determine the root of the problem. The most effective eye bags treatment is surgery, such as cheek lift and eyelid surgery.

Plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons can perform eyelid surgery to get rid of the excess tissue and skin from the eyelids. The typical lower eyelid surgery involves the removal, repositioning, and addition of fat and/or skin. Surgical cheek lift is another type of eye bags treatment. It is recommended for patients suffering from cheek descent due to aging.

There are non-surgical options to get of eye bags. These include injectable fillers and fat injections. These treatments add volume to the area under the eyes to smooth the transition from the upper cheek to under eye.

Preventing Eye Bags

There are several ways to prevent eye bags from occurring. One effective way is to get enough sleep. Six to eight hours is enough to prevent eye bags from forming. It is also recommended to sleep with your head elevated to prevent fluids from accumulating around the eyes.

One eye bags treatment that you can do is to apply compresses to soothe the eye area. You can use raw potato slices, tea bags, or chilled cucumber. If you are suffering from allergies, use prescription products to reduce the symptoms. You should also avoid allergens when possible. And to slow down the aging process, avoid sun exposure and smoking.

These are the things you need to know about eye bags treatment. It is important to know the causes and how to prevent them so that you don’t need to worry about getting rid of eye bags in the future. If eye bags persist, consult a doctor right away, especially if condition is affecting your eyesight.

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