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GMB Post – Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Fillers

Nov 6, 2019 – May 7, 2020

How much does it cost for cheek fillers?

The price of cheek fillers is dependent on the brand and also the volume of the product used in addition to the specific location. Typically, each syringe cost between $700 and $1200 in Santa Barbara.

Which brands are used for cheek fillers?

The properties of each filler and the brand are generally dictated by the location of where the dermal filler is placed. Different molecular composition and particle size will produce better results. Our preferred fillers in the office are Sculptra and Juvederm Voluma XC. You can contact SB Aesthetics to schedule a cheek filler consultation.

Will Cheek Filler lift my jowls?

Yes. With advanced techniques used by Dr. Sheffield, the cheek and mid face region can help lift some sagging as well as restore volume loss. Depending on the candidacy other procedures might be more effective, these include the silhouette thread lift and the mini face lift.


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