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Do Dermal Filler Injections Have Any Side Effects?
Jul 1, 2020 – Jan 11, 2021
Unfortunately, you could experience with a few side effects which are normal and can last between some hours and a few weeks before they fizzle out. Some side effects are:

• Swelling
• Numbness
• Sores
• Scarring
• Itching
• Allergic reactions
• Bruises
• Redness

With any procedure or treatment, there are always risks and considerations. Dermal filler injections can also produce skin rashes, some itching, or possibly some pimple like bumps or eruptions. Also, there can be undesirable appearance such as asymmetry, lumps or even some overcorrection of wrinkles. Many of these situations are normal and are easily treatable, please contact your plastic surgeon.

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