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Ask Your Med Spa These Questions Before Treatment
Dec 22, 2019 – Jul 22, 2020
Choosing the right medical spa is as important as determining the right medical spa treatment. Be sure to get answers to the following questions when finding your med spa. You can contact SB Aesthetics Medical Spa to book an appointment for a variety of medispa treatments:

– What services are offered at a med spa compared to a day spa?
– How do I know if a medical spa is safe and in compliance?
– Does the medical spa director have to be on-site?
– Should I see a doctor prior to getting a medical spa treatment?
– What exactly defines a medical treatment?
– If a nurse or aesthetician is wanting to perform a Botox injection, should I let him/her?
– Should I let a nurse perform laser hair removal or is a dermatologist better suited?
– The med spa has a nurse practitioner on-site, but there is no physician. Is it legal and is it safe?

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