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Are a Nose Job and a Rhinoplasty The Same Thing?


Rhinoplasty or nose job and septoplasty are both cosmetic surgical treatments of the nose. The goal of a nose job is to enhance the appearance of nose, while septoplasty focuses on structural concerns inside the nose, such as problems of breathing. Both sorts of surgical treatments are usually incorporated and done in a single procedure to improve both the appearance as well as function of nose.


Rhinoplassty is frequently termed as a nose job. This surgical operation improves the outer look of the nose. This commonly includes correcting a misaligned nose profile or making it proportionate with remainder of the face.


When mapping out the ideal nose job, the tip, bridge and rotation of the nose are considered and a proposed plan is made for better aesthetic outcomes. Nose surgery can likewise deal with adjustments that normally happen in the nasal tissue throughout the aging process. These consist of changes in cartilage that causes widening of the nasal profile.



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