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Should I Undergo Facial Rejuvenation? Five Indications That Show You May Need This Therapy

Every day our skin takes a beating. In time, it starts to reveal all these daily stress events we face in our life – as well as all the years we have lived. Whenever our age starts to cause marks that are very easy to see in our appearance, this is sometimes a severe shock to our self-esteem as well as our general feeling of joy. Here at the SB Aesthetics Medical Spa we have a skilled an professional crew who understand the top treatments which will assist both you as well as your skin to look great via appropriate facial rejuvenation therapies.

Do I Need to Undergo a Facial Rejuvenation Therapy?

Should you be considering some kind of facial rejuvenating therapy to better your look? A lot of people strive to discover the correct time to undergo cosmetic therapies which refresh and rejuvenate their appearance; a few believe undergoing these therapies too soon is not worth the effort, whilst others are not certain if their concerns regarding their appearance are bad enough to get cosmetic treatments. Yet the actual fact is the top timeframe for one to undergo rejuvenation therapies is whenever they are not happy about how they look anymore.

Five Indications You Need These Therapies

Five characteristics of aging are what’s normally seen which cause folks to think about getting some sort of rejuvenation therapy. No matter if these signs are slight, medium range or extensive, if you have any of these symptoms it’s likely you may need to face the fact you need it and call to set up an appointment.

1. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines can happen on just about all parts of your face, though any kind of wrinkles usually connected to getting older includes frown lines, as well as forehead wrinkles and in between the eyebrows. Plus it includes expression lines, as well as wrinkles all around your nose and your mouth, and chin lines on the chin. Fine lines and wrinkles usually occur whenever collagen production in your skin starts to lessen, and this normally happens for most people at around forty to fifty years old.

2. Heightened Laxity of the Skin

Laxity of the skin refers to the heightened dryness, looseness and thinness of your skin. This mostly happens under your eyes, in your cheeks, and on your brow. Mostly it happens in the cheek hollows. Laxity of the skin also refers to reduced skin elasticity, it’s capacity to spring back into its normal shape. Whilst a little laxity of the skin may be caused by being dehydrated all the time, this laxity which gets worse as we get older is additionally caused by a low level of collagen as well as elastin levels in your sub-dermal skin layers.

3. Irregular Skin Texture and Tone

Patchy skin texture and tone may occur to anyone no matter how old they are, however, it is usually noticed on people forty or more. Patchy skin tone is a distortion of the skin’s complexion, so someone could suffer from rosacea, or have ruddiness due to broken capillaries, as well as additionally problems related to skin tone. Patchy skin texture usually refers to dry skin, along with bumpy, uneven, or pockmarked skin texture on their skin.

4. Acne as well as Acne Scarring

Acne is not a problem merely younger people suffer from. Acne is completely commonplace in folks who are between thirty and fifty too, particularly lades suffering from acne caused by hormones. It may involve whiteheads, big pores which make lots of sebum, and pimples, as well as having an oily face. Acne scarring indicates you suffer from large pores, dimpled skin with pit marks, along with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

5. Blemishes and Dark Spots

Blemishes and dark spots indicate the skin has been damaged. If you have sunspots or dark areas on the skin, it normally is due to being influenced by exposure to the sun. Blemishes may include everything from melasma to pockmarks, heightened freckling, as well as brand-new facial moles. Blemishes as well as dark spots normally happen to folks who are older.

FAQs on Facial Rejuvenation

What is the Meaning of Facial Rejuvenation?

Non-Surgical facial rejuvenation includes any type of cosmetic therapy which rejuvenates the way the skin’s surface looks. Rejuvenation therapies normally are recommended for minor skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles, scars, as well as laxity of the skin. All these are skin-associated issues which happen to the upper-to-mid dermis layers.

The objective of a rejuvenation therapy is to stimulate your body’s normal regenerative capabilities, particularly its capability to heal via energy and produce brand-new skin cells. Rejuvenation therapies can be seen as a fresh beginning for surface skin cells, as this can assist in refreshing the way someone looks so they appear younger and more radiant.

What Kind of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Therapies Can I Get?

Normally, rejuvenation therapies don’t involve surgery and aren’t invasive . Very few require a technique which is a bit invasive, like injectable therapies. Dozens of rejuvenation therapies exist for your face, however, the ones which are the most effective and commonplace are:

Dermal Fillers

These are a kind of injectable therapy that is meant to bring back lost facial volume and it fills in things like wrinkles, fine lines, laxity of the skin, and hollow parts of the face. A dermal filler is in a distinct class of therapy which operates via an injection of a special serum into your skin. It has active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Fillers are superb choices for a lot of folks, to include people having minor, modest, and serious face wrinkles. Though it’s more commonplace to utilize face fillers on the middle to the lower part of your face, a few are utilized under and around your eyes.

Options for dermal fillers can comprise:

• Bellafill (entire face)
• Juvederm Volbella (lips and mouth)
• Juvederm Vollure (nose and mouth)
• Juvederm Voluma your (cheeks)
• Juvederm Ultra (entire face)
• Restylane Lyft (entire face)
• Restylane Defyne (mouth and nose)
• Restylane Refyne (entire face)
• Restylane Silk (your lips)


Neurotoxins involve injections which use toxins which have been precisely purified that then interrupt the transmission of facial muscle receptors. This can be seen as the neurotoxins are a kind of movement blocker. The objective of these neurotoxins is to loosen the facial muscles in order to halt wrinkle formation, and this smooths the look of the facial wrinkles.

Neurotoxins may be utilized to treat severe, as well as moderate forehead wrinkles, and those under the eyebrows. But it’s getting more commonplace to use them around your mouth, too. Some of these neurotoxins comprise:

• Botox
• Xeomin
• Dysport

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a technique where they apply a chemical solution to your skin to get rid of the layers on top. Skin which then grows back will be smoother. If you get a medium or light chemical peel, you might have to do it several times to get the results you desire.
These peels are utilized for treating scars, discoloring in the skin and wrinkles, normally on your face. You can do it by itself or mix it with additional kinds of cosmetic techniques. Plus it’s possible to do them a varying skin depths, starting with light clear up to deep. The deeper kind of chemical peels provide results that are more-remarkable yet they do take a longer time to recover from them.

Why is it done?

Chemical peels are skin-resurfacing procedures. Dependent on your problems, you can pick one from any of the following:

• Light chemical peels. Light (superficial) chemical peels take off the outer skin layer called the epidermis. They are employed for treating acne, fine wrinkles, as well as patchy skin done and dry skin. You can get this type of peel done every 2 to 5 weeks.

• Medium chemical peels. Medium chemical peels take off skin cells from your epidermis as well as from parts of the upper portion of the middle layer of your skin called the dermis. It is utilized for treating scars from acne, as well as patchy skin tone and wrinkles. You may have to do this process more than once to get the results you want.

• Deep chemical peels. Deep chemical peels take off skin cells at a deeper level. Your physician may suggest you get it done if your wrinkles are deeper or if you have precancerous growths or scars. No repeat procedures are required for getting the total effect.

Ablative Laser

Laser resurfacing of the skin, similarly called laser peels, laser vaporizations as well as lasabrasions, may lessen wrinkles on the face, as well as help get rid of blemishes and scars. Brand-new laser knowledges provide plastic surgeons with a brand-new control level in laser surfacing, allowing better precision, particularly in sensitive areas.

What can laser resurfacing of the skin improve?

• Wrinkles or fine lines under or around the eyes, mouth or forehead
• Chicken pox and acne scarring
• Non-receptive skin following a facelift
• Skin damage from sun or from aging
• Liver spots
• Enhance the complexion if the skin as a yellow or gray tone
• Birthmarks like linear epidermal nevi
• Warts
• Big oil glands on your nose

How does resurfacing of the skin with lasers work?

It involves utilizing light beams. The doctor utilizes lasers for sending brief, condensed pulsating light beams aimed at abnormal skin. That takes off undesired, damaged skin via a very detailed method one layer at a time.

A targeted approach to laser skin resurfacing indicates there’s less issues concerned with skin lightening or hypopigmentation, for techniques like removing acne scars via lasers.

Laser beams used through laser resurfacing removes the outer layer of the skin called the epidermis. This simultaneously heats up the dermis, which is the underlying layer of the skin. This act promotes brand-new collagen fibers to grow. Whenever this treated skin is healed, this brand-new is firmer and smoother.


Microneedling is a marginally invasive rejuvenation method which operates via generating micro-wounds on the skin’s surface. The micro-injuries promote the natural rejuvenation capability of the body to heal and produce brand-new skin cells, plus enhance collagen production. Microneedling is a great choice for those having minor to moderate laxity of the skin, as well as patchy texture and tone, dark spots, scarring, and big pores. Microneedling is at times mixed with PRP therapies to improve results.

Length of Time Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Therapies Last?

You can expect each of the rejuvenation therapies to last different amounts of time dependent of the person’s reaction to this therapy as well as the usual amount of expectancy of the results.

For instance, dermal fillers will generate outcomes which may last six to 18 months, whilst a neurotoxin treatment usually only lasts for three to four months. A facial as well as chemical peel therapies usually remain for a few weeks, at times it could last two to three months for each treatment you get. Laser treatments as well as additional kinds of energy-centered therapies remain for three to six months or longer dependent upon the kind of therapy. Microneedling therapies, whether they use PRP or not, usually remain for one to three months.

Ways to Improve Facial Rejuvenation Outcomes?

There’s many methods of enhancing the outcome of a rejuvenation therapy. Actually, doctors highly encourage their patients to take the best care of their skin as possible so you will receive the most from your treatments. A few things that can be done to heighten the outcome are:

Skincare Products

Via the correct type of skincare product you may assist the skin improving or anti-aging procedures to remain for a longer timeframe. Preferably, you ought to utilize skincare products that take a prescription or buy over the counter products with vital active ingredients, like AHA, hyaluronic acid or Retinol. Skincare products which include serums, moisturizers or cleansers, as well as sunscreen and exfoliants should be used.


Sufficient hydration is an example of the simplest things one can do in order to keep their skin healthy. The body needs water to get rid of toxins in the skin – plus the skin particularly needs sufficient hydration in order to maintain its elasticity as well as stay moist.


Getting adequate sleep is vital for maintaining the skin’s appearance. Whenever we don’t get enough of it, we’re more inclined for the skin to be dry, suffer from acne, as well as get dark circles under our eyes. If you get sufficient sleep your skin will retain good tone as well as make sure any outcome gotten from a cosmetic therapy is perfected.

Ways to Know What Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Therapy Is Best?

If you are unsure of the kind of non-surgical facial rejuvenation therapy is correct for your situation, then don’t worry. When you come for the initial consultation, the doctor will look over your skin as well as discuss all the options for therapy which relate to your problem and your objective. They will assist you in finding the best type of therapy for your problem.

Great candidates for receiving non-surgical facial rejuvenation therapies may include anyone who’s not happy with how they look. This includes people having a minor, moderate or serious concerns about their looks. There’s not any sort of age limit or any kind of physical limitations for any type of rejuvenation therapy, as well as the huge amount of therapies which may be utilized safely on all kinds of skin tones or types. This also includes dark complexions. Someone could be a great candidate to get skin rejuvenation therapy if they wish to correct:

• Wrinkles and Fine lines
• Blemishes
• Dark spots
• Scars
• Acne
• Huge pores
• Laxity of the Skin
• Dryness
• Patchy texture or tone of the skin
• Damage from the sun


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Whether you are thinking about having non-surgical facial rejuvenation, an aesthetic treatment, a non-surgical procedure or have had prior surgery and are seeking additional touch-ups, it is critical to work with a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures. Dr. Robert Sheffield is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics offering aesthetic and cosmetic services to those in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Oxnard and Ventura, CA, and the surrounding communities.  Dr. Sheffield offers patients a customized treatment plan and is available to answer your questions. To schedule a consultation, call 805.318.3280 today.

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